Well, It Ain’t Boring – Redux

By October 10, 2011Comms

No doubt you all recall my smarmy, self-indulgent post of last week.

Well, I’m afraid I have to follow it up with this week’s schedule:

– Tomorrow, I meet with my congressional representative, to discuss whether or not she wants to take up the matter of Tricare’s automatically canceling (and refusing to automatically reinstate) health insurance for reservists.

– Wednesday, I have my wardrobe fitting for my upcoming role as an extra in a major motion picture that for now is being called MAGNUS REX. I think they are calling it that because they want to keep the actual title secret, and I’m one of those strict rule-following types. But I will say that the film is well suited for an avid comic book reader like myself. I’ll keep you posted.

– Thursday begins New York Comic Con, with my panel and book signing on Saturday, followed by dinner with my publisher and kickass military SF author Jack Campbell.

And all of this takes place amidst the steady stream of Advanced Read Copies (ARCs) of the book, which are now making their way out to reviewers. I know Staffer’s Musings┬áhas received one already, and I am off to the post office tomorrow to send them out to Ranting Dragon, Fantasy Faction and Bastard Books. Of course, this is a source of some stress, as I am finally putting my life’s work under the noses of folks who don’t know me from Adam, and who are in the business of giving honest opinions of books they read. I’ve done my best to give a comprehensive list of SF/F review sites, blogs and podcasts to my publicist, and if you want to do a review and don’t think you’re going to be receiving an ARC, please feel free to contact me via my PERSONNEL page.

But my point is this: Not boring at all.

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