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Welcome to the launch of my professional/official author website (I still can’t believe I’m saying that), and my blog. I need both, because I’ve finally realized my life long dream of getting a bona fide book deal with a major publishing house. If you hadn’t already figured it out from my SITREP page, my three book SHADOW OPS series will be published by Ace (Penguin-Putnam) in February, 2012 with the first book in the trilogy, CONTROL POINT.

I’ve thought a bit about what I want this blog to be about, and have decided that I want to use it to talk about my writing (craft, process and industry related stuff) and the military (because it has so deeply influenced my stories and my storytelling). What it won’t be about is politics, religion, race issues or polemics of any kind. This is for a couple of reasons:

– I don’t want to alienate my readers. When you interview for a job, you generally don’t show up dressed as a gorilla. This is because you want to be judged on your qualifications, and not on how you look. Same here. I have strong opinions on just about everything, but I want folks to be drawn to my work based on its strength, and not on my affiliations.

– I’m a military officer and federal civil servant. I want to make sure that every American, regardless of their beliefs, feels that I ably defend and represent them. That may be quixotic, but it’s important to me and will be reflected here.

So, I hope you’ll visit often and leave comments. I’m incredibly fortunate to have this shot at a dream and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. Here’s hoping you like reading my work as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together, and that you’ll hang with me as things unfold.

More to come.

Author Myke Cole

Myke Cole is an American writer of history and fantasy who leverages a lifetime in military, law enforcement and intelligence service to take you to battlefields, real and imagined.

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