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Big news today: Ace has finally approved the finished cover for CONTROL POINT (by outstanding fantasy artist Michael Komarck) and given me permission to release it.

I’ve already discussed this cover in a previous blog entry. There’s more to say about it, but first, I figure you want to see it. Without further ado:

Komarck got it *exactly* right. Front and center is Oscar Britton, exactly as I’d envisioned him. His gear is spot on from the tac-vest to the M-11 he’s got pointed at the deck. The shooter on the right is firing an HK-416 with all the fixin’s that gear-queer operators drool over. The Aeromancer on the left is conjuring lightning. A pair of AH-6’s are hovering just behind my name. You can see the SOC and Shadow Coven logos designed by Paul Jacobsen on the Aeromancer’s cover and the shooter’s pauldron respectively. I’ve also discussed those in an earlier blog entry.

This is as close to an image plucked directly from my mind as is humanly possible. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. You can tell a lot about the tone and content of the book from this cover.

And I am thrilled to death. Hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

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