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By October 20, 2011Comms

Hey all,

Just got this *awesome* photo from my buddy Drew, currently serving with the 396th Trans at Ft. Stewart. It’s a shot of a mural he did while he was in Iraq. He calls it a “fantasy, war-banner version of our brigade/combat patch.” I call it absolutely outstanding work.

Drew in front of his masterpiece. I remember those concrete "T-Walls" well from my tours.

Drew’s not just a warfighter. He’s an aspiring writer and committed genre nerd. And that gives me an idea:

If you’re in the military (any military, not just the US) and you’re a nerd, I invite you to use my blog as a safe haven to let your geek flag fly. Send me photos of your fan art. Send me shots of you and your buddies sitting around the MWR playing D&D. Send me a shot of the impromptu SCA duel or LARP event you held on a carrier deck. If it’s as awesome as what Drew sent me, I’ll post it here with a shout out, thanking you for your service and reminding everyone that dorks like us serve everyday and everywhere.

Oorah, Drew. Thanks for getting in touch, for serving and for sharing this outstanding work with me.

The rest of you? Show me what you’ve got.

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