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I’m not sure if I have enough fans yet to do this, but it’s Veteran’s Day on Friday, and I wanted to mark that holiday with something representing the important blend in my life between things military and literary.

And so . . . I am hosting my first giveaway contest. Readers of this blog (and my social

Symbol of my service pride.

media friends/followers) are cordially invited to shoot me a *short* email to myke (at) mykecole (.) com describing a veteran who you are close to (friend or family member) and how they’ve inspired you. Please limit your email to a paragraph or two, include your veteran’s name, service, unit and highest decoration (if you know all of that – name at a minimum) and a picture of your veteran if you can. Your vet doesn’t have to me a member of the US military. I’m happy to hear about vets from other countries as well.

I’ll post the top 3 winning entries on this blog and give out the following prizes:

1.) An autographed copy of an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of the debut novel in my SHADOW OPS series, CONTROL POINT.

2.) An autographed copy of the 2012 Stephen King Desk Calendar, featuring my essay OF KNIGHTHOOD AND NOSTALGIA, as well as other essays by major writers like Peter V. Brett.

3.) An autographed copy of the WRITERS OF THE FUTURE XIX anthology, featuring my prize winning short story, BLOOD AND HORSES.


So, let the emails fly. I’ll post winners on Monday, 14 November, after Veteran’s Day. I hope that this contest will remind folks to pause and remember the sacrifices veterans in your life have made. The informal motto of almost every unit I’ve ever run with has always been So Others Might Live. That sort of altruism is a thing that never fails to move me.

I hope it strikes a chord in you too. Happy Veteran’s Day and sincere thanks to every soldier, sailor, airman, marine and coast guard who has gone before me. On the shoulders of giants, truly.

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Myke Cole is an American writer of history and fantasy who leverages a lifetime in military, law enforcement and intelligence service to take you to battlefields, real and imagined.

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