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ALCON (that’s military speak for “All Concerned”):

Well, the smoke has cleared from BREACH ZONE’s release month, and safe to say that the response has been all that I could have hoped for. I am unspeakably grateful to you for supporting my work, which has the ultimate result of enabling me to generate more work for you to support. So . . . yeah. Self-licking ice cream cone here.

But who doesn’t like ice cream?

*Sigh* Nevermind.

Anyhoo, the campaign poster contest has been running for almost a month, and we’ve had some amazing entries. I’m going to let it run just a bit longer on the pretense of trawling for more awesome entries and the reality of the fact that I really don’t want to pick winners from such an awesome array.

I wanted to talk for a second about cosplay. I’ve written before about how sublime it is for me to see my UK covers, because they are *photographs* of people who I’ve only ever seen in my head. I’d thought it was as close as I could get to actually meeting my own characters, and I was blown away by each image Larry Rostant came up with.

Cosplay is exactly the same kind of thrill. It does double duty: allowing the author to see their character made flesh, but also to hear them, consider their movement. And like book covers, it is witnessing the ripple effect of art: watching your work eddy into someone else’s, inspire it, drive it forward. When I think of the hours fans spend to try to accurate portray my characters, and the courage it takes to bring these representations forward to me, my heart about beats out of my chest.

It is quite possibly the kindest compliment I could ever be paid.

Scylla is the only character any of my fans have ever cosplayed (as far as I know). I like to protect the identities of my fans (but they are free to out themselves in the comments section below if they so choose), so I will only say that my friend M first cosplayed Scylla at New York Comic Con this past year. The likeness was incredible, the attention to detail amazing.

Now, my friend V has put two videos on YouTube not only cosplaying Scylla PERFECTLY, but acting out two pivotal scenes from BREACH ZONE (they are only the slightest bit spoilery). English isn’t V’s first language, and the fact that she nonetheless was able to pull off these scenes just knocks my socks off. This is the ultimate cosplay: a fan trying to capture every aspect of a novel – the character’s movement, tone, expression and surroundings.

V doesn’t have the benefit of theatrical training or a big theater budget. She’s just a person appreciating a work of art and sending it out into the world.

Well, here I sit, appreciating back.

I’ve said before that I write to communicate. I get all kinds of feedback, from questions at panels to amazon reviews.

But I’ll be straight with you: cosplay is a kind of feedback that’s pretty hard to top.

Here’s V as Scylla:

From BREACH ZONE – Chapter VIII.

From BREACH ZONE – Chapter XVI.



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