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(The first person who gets the inside joke I’m making in the blog post title and posts the answer in the comments section, gets their choice of any book I’ve done signed and mailed to them).

Fantasy Faction did an exclusive reveal of the cover of the British edition of CONTROL POINT the other day. It’s by the digital photography artist Larry Rostant, who also did the amazing cover of Peter V. Brett’s The Desert Spear, which is one of my favorite covers in fantasy. I’m also super fortunate to have Pete’s *awesome* jacket quote on both covers.

It has a totally different feel from the US edition of the book, done by another artist I greatly admire, Michael Komarck. Komarck has been illustrating book covers for many novels and also did a lot of the interior art in my favorite role-playing games (including Shadow Run and D&D).

Here are the two covers, side by side:


US Cover

UK Cover

I have to admit, I feel like I won the lottery with both of these covers. The Komarck image is action packed and exciting. The Rostant image is moody, evocative and iconic.

In both cases, the gear is right, with both artists willing to accept a *lot* of technical detailed guidance from me and able to reproduce it on the cover. I love that Oscar Britton is front and center for both. It’s so amazing to see a person I’ve known for so long on my imagination become flesh and blood through someone else’s art.

What’s really fascinating for me is the notion that different national audiences have different expectations for covers. British audiences may find the US cover too . . . comic-booky. US audiences may find the British cover too . . . staid. Or maybe I’m totally off base. The exciting part is this: the different covers remind me that my work is stretching across different cultures, reaching different sets of people with different sets of experiences and expectations, miles apart.

Here’s hoping they love the story as much as I love the artwork.

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  • Fred Kiesche says:

    Nice (book) covers, but where are the covers for the main characters. They appear to be outdoors, so they should be under cover. No?

  • Dan says:

    Your referencing China Mieville’s book The City & The City. Being American I find it odd that I always like the British covers better.

    • MykeCole says:

      Dan, you win. Congrats. Shoot me an email at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com and I’ll get you your prize.

  • I kept thinking of The Will & The Word from the Belgariad and also some album name, I can’t recall at the moment. EDIT: The Colour and the Shape by Foo Fighters!

    But I think Dan is right, City & the City makes more sense.

  • Shecky X says:

    FWIW, either cover would have caught my eye big-time.

  • Ken says:

    Both are great but I are still prefer the US version because it has all the little details that pertain to the story.

  • Ken Neth says:

    Is it the body armor worn by Oscar in each cover. Or perhaps the backup cover in the US vs. solo in the UK.

    The City & The City was what came to mind first though.

  • Shack says:

    I like the US cover but I much prefer the UK version both for the image and the typography. But you are a lucky man – both work so well. Have you got poster sized ones framed at home?

  • Kendall says:

    Both covers are great.  Congrats!

  • bestep says:

    Book cover, uniform cover…everything needs a hat 🙂 Although I admit I first through of China’s book, ‘The City and the City.’ I like the mood of the UK cover. It’s a book I’m more likely to pick up at random at the book store.  Both covers are terrific.

  • Drew says:

    Speaking of covers, the cover of SO:CP caught my eye at the PX today!  Glad to see it there!

  • Drew says:

    Speaking of covers, the cover of SO:CP caught my eye at the PX today!  Glad to see it there!

  • KP says:

    Both great covers that make for an appealing wanna grab it and take a look at it book.

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