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I’ve only done one giveaway on this site since I launched it, and I figure it’s high time to do another one. Some of you may recall that I posted a picture of a small portion of my US Coast Guard T-shirt collection some time ago. Here it is again for those of you who missed it:

My US Coast Guard T-shirt collection

Now, I know I’m not the only nerd out there with an impressive T-shirt collection, so I’m inviting you to send me a photo of yours. I’d prefer it to be on a theme (Firefly T-shirts, general nerd T-shirts, concert T-shirts, etc . . .) But I will consider sheer volume or awesomeness. Send me your pictures to myke (at) mykecole (dot) com. I will pick the 3 best by April 1st, 2012, post them to this blog and award the following prizes:

1st prize (1 winner): A signed hard cover Science Fiction Book Club edition of CONTROL POINT. If you’ve already got the hard cover, you can choose any of the 2nd place prizes below.

2nd prize (2 winners): A choice of either a signed copy of the mass market paperback edition of CONTROL POINT, or a signed copy of the of THE BOOK OF FINAL FLESH (featuring my short story SHOUTING DOWN THE MOON), or a signed copy of WRITERS OF THE FUTURE VOLUME XIX (featuring my short story BLOOD AND HORSES). 1 prize only.

Shipping and postage is on me.

I’m trying to give prize options for folks who already own CONTROL POINT and don’t necessarily want another copy. Remember, if you already own a copy, I can send you a signed, adhesive-backed bookplate that you can put in it. Just email and ask for it. It’s on me.

All right! Looking forward to seeing what folks come up with. Send those T-shirt pictures and let the games begin!

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