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It’s a misleading title, as I’m not going to roundup anything. Instead, I’ll just lay out some of the cooler anecdotes and do some name dropping. Readercon is a panel-heavy con, with a lot of focus given to intellectual meanderings, literary criticism and examination of social issues in literature. I’ve always been more of a networker. I rarely go to con panels unless there’s something of particular interest. My goal in attending cons are the conversations held in hallways, the con suite and (most importantly) at the bar. You’ve got to remember that the vast majority of my life is spent shuttered in my apartment or hunched over my laptop in a coffee shop. I pounce on social opportunities like a starved lion.

So, cool stuff that happened? I had a 5 year old backup dancer during my reading. This kid was so cute (and his moves so awesome) that it actually set off my biological alarm clock. He had a squatting crotch thrust that would have put Beyonce to shame. And all this to klezmer, accordian and fiddle music as a backdrop to my story of whirling helo rotors, roaring machine gun fire, and the crackle-boom of Aeromantic lightning.

I spent the majority of my time hanging around with Peter V. Brett (of course) and John Joseph Adams. It was great to get a chance to catch up with JJA and really talk about the industry and life in general, so much so that I forgive him for spinning tall tales that Marjorie Liu (up there with Felicia Day, folks) was in attendance. Now I trust JJA in all things, but I’m just saying I didn’t see her.

What I did see a lot of was the text for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS on my iPad screen. On the morning of my departure,  I was sitting on the couch reading ADWD and was rather lost in it when Maria Headley shows up. Now, that’s pretty damned famous right there, and I was psyched to get into a nice conversation with her, until it was interrupted by the arrival of Amanda Palmer. Not surprisingly, Headley lost interest in me and I turned back to the book, only to find myself suddenly lost in a forest of legs. I turtled up and begged GRRM to take me away, but there were too many people, so I finally looked up . . . to see Neil Gaiman leaning over me to say something to Peter Straub. I could have lifted the man’s wallet out of his jacket pocket (I didn’t. I’m with the government, we use taxes for that). And that is how I came to be completely surrounded by very famous people for 5 minutes before they went off somewhere to do whatever it is famous folk do.

Which reminds me of the other reason I go to cons. You never know what’s going to happen at them.


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