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Kind of last minute, but here’s my Philcon schedule. My panels start tomorrow. I apologize, but due to a last minute schedule change, I’m not going to be doing the writing workshop as promised, but I’d be happy to chat about publishing or craft with anyone if they can catch up to me in a hallway or the lobby. I’ll be the guy with the bad haircut.

    • Sat 1:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two—Does Military Science Fiction Glorify War?(785)Sure, war, with its obvious conflicts and the stress it places on characters, makes for a good story. But isn’t there a tendency or temptation to describe war as either the only worthwhile solution to human problems, or at least rather fun?

Mike McPhail (mod), Myke Cole, Ellen Asher, Stephanie Burke

    • Sat 7:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three—George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” (783)This hit series, now up to five books, has also spawned a hit HBO mini-series. What is so special about Martin’s work? Is it the “new Dune”?

David M. Axler (mod), Myke Cole, Andrew C. Murphy, Shira Lipkin, Elektra Hammond

    • Sun 10:00 AM in Crystal Ballroom Two—Real Life Natural Disasters and How They Influence Fiction (808)How real life natural disasters, from the “Year Without Summer”, to the 9/11 attacks, influence and are reflected in fiction.

Other than that, I’ll be wandering the halls, watching panels myself, or in the bar. I’m not good on my own, folks. Come say hello.

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