Once More Unto the Breach

By August 7, 2011Comms

Once again, I’ve been activated. And once again, this could mean a lighter touch on the blog and social media (though that didn’t happen last time, contrary to my predictions). Depends on the op tempo once I report.

This comes at a good time. FORTRESS FRONTIER has a completed 1st draft and I am currently awaiting inputs before collating my notes and pressing ahead with a rewrite. I’ve also completed a 1st draft of another trilogy proposal and I have some other pitches that I’m currently hammering out. CONTROL POINT isn’t coming out for 7 months and FORTRESS FRONTIER isn’t due until after that. So, if there was ever a few months where it’s okay for me not to be writing full-time, this is it. Also, I’m just being activated to augment staff at a stateside garrison. This isn’t Afghanistan.

So, wish me luck and leave a light on for me. I leave you with a guest blog post I just did for Civilian Reader, discussing my greatest writing influence (and bestest buddy) Peter V. Brett.

Don’t be shy about sending your pal Myke an email in the coming months. When you’re deployed, there’s a weird sense of the world turning on without you. Your friends develop inside jokes that you’re not in on. You see pictures of parties that you missed posted to Facebook. That part sucks, and folks tapping you on the shoulder to remind you that they poured one out for you at the last shindig goes a long way towards softening the impact. You can reach me on the PERSONNEL TAB. Just sayin’

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  • John Zeleznik says:

    Bro, you’re gonna regret asking for emails! Good luck wherever it is you are serving and if it’s the port of Oswego, I will buy you a beer!

  • Rich D says:

    Just read the Civilian Reader post, it’s a regular stop off of mine. Went straight to Amazon and pre-ordered book one. Looking forward to it. I’ll drop you a line and let you know how I enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks, man! I hope it meets your expectations.

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