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Wow, back-to-back blog updates. Not normally my style, but I guess I have a lot of good news to report lately.

And this latest bit is a doozy: Chris Evans has blurbed my forthcoming novel!

Chris is the author of the outstanding Iron Elves series from Pocket Books. He’s an author I admire and identify with, because we’re both grounded in the military and we’re both trying to push the fantasy envelope. Chris has done it by taking the fantasy mainstay of Elves and kitting them out with Napoleonic technology and a Richard Sharpesque sensibility. It’s a new direction for fantasy and one I admire a great deal. I got to meet Chris at New York City Comic Con last year, and he’s also a great guy. Having him willing to put his name down in support of my work is a serious shot in the arm.

Here’s what Chris has to say about CONTROL POINT:

Myke Cole takes you down range where the bullets fly and the magic burns with precision-guided ferocity that’ll put you on the edge of your seat before blowing you right out of it.

Thanks so much, Chris. With guys like you on my six, how can I go wrong? Here’s hoping the rest of you feel the same way once CONTROL POINT hits shelves.


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