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Hey all,

I figured I’d bow out for an entry and give the floor to my friend and colleague Jon Sprunk. I’ve known Jon for years. We’re both represented by the same agent and see one another from time to time at cons. We both love cons to the point where I asked him to share his thoughts on them here on my site.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but I first wanted to introduce Jon.  His first fantasy novel, Shadow’s Son (Pyr Books) was published in 2010, followed by the sequels, Shadow’s Lure

Shadow's Master

and Shadow’s Master. He is also a mentor at the Seton Hill University Writing Program. Shadow’s Master is just released and available on amazon, B&N and at your local bookstore.

I’ll let Jon take it from here:

I love reader conventions, especially sci-fi and fantasy cons. There’s something about them, a zany mixture of geekdom and sex appeal, that creates an intoxicating atmosphere. I’ve been to several now, and like a moth to a flame, I can’t get enough.

I like both large and small cons. The big ones like DragonCon are just awesome in their sheer volume and the things you’ll see. It’s like a Super Bowl that you can participate in. Despite the thousands of people, everyone at a SFF con is super-nice. They’ll wait in line for six hours to meet a favorite author or artist. They’ll wear things that will shock and amaze you, especially considering so many of the costumes are homemade. And the party only gets wilder after the official events are over.

But small cons are fun as hell, too. I’m blessed to have some great ones near me, like Balticon and Confluence. While they don’t get the hordes of people that a Comic Con will get, they have just as much energy and enthusiasm. And the personal connections even a small-name author like myself can make with readers at a smaller con are priceless.

So if you love books, movies, comics, and costumes, do yourself a favor and find out what SFF cons are running in your area. And if you have the means, sign up for one of the mega-conventions. Either way, you’ll have a great time.

It’s good to get pulse checks like this from Jon. I spend a lot of my very limited funds on hitting cons. Much of that is business, but a lot of it is feeding my fan side and getting some rare and much needed social interaction. Good to see Jon’s feeling much the same way.

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