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Back in March, I was invited on to the What’s My Name show to do an interview. Nothing new there, right? I’ve done tons of interviews since CONTROL POINT came out.

But this one was different. Chemda didn’t bring me on to talk about my writing. She brought me on to talk about my experience in Iraq.

I’ve listened to it a few times now, and it’s the most in-depth and honest recounting of my experiences that I’ve ever put down. I’m grateful for it because it was a chance to sort through how I felt about it, and to save those thoughts for future me, and for others who are important to me.

Chemda’s shows aren’t free, but since 6 months have passed, she’s given me permission to post it freely here.

It’s upsetting for me to listen to, but I’m glad it’s done. I offer it up here as a partial history, and a partial (and inadequate) explanation. I cannot and will not excuse my role in the Iraq War, but I hope that this interview at leasts helps people understand why I went, and why I did what I did while I was there.

Chemda was kind enough to offer 2 free 1-month memberships to the show. The first two folks who comment below, I’ll contact via email and give you the codes and instructions on how to redeem them.

Thanks for listening.

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