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Around a month ago, my friend John Anealio was caught up in the general euphoria that swept the nerd community in the wake of the release of the new Avengers movie. He did a blog post on the topic, where he invited readers to chime in about whether they were Iron Man or Thor. He picked those two superheroes to accentuate the difference between inherent superpowers (Thor, a god) and good old fashioned hard work (Tony Stark, whose power comes from a suit he designed and built).

As I contemplated my response, I decided that it resonated strongly enough with me that I didn’t want to confine it to John’s blog. Instead, I’m posting it here.

With a cast as diverse as the Avengers, I didn’t like the slate of options. I’m not Thor (though I know a few Thors and, frankly, I want to kill them), but I’m not Iron Man either.

I’m Hawkeye.

Hawkeye’s a superhero too, but he doesn’t have any superpowers. Unlike Tony Stark, he’s not a natural genius, not a billionaire, not particularly good looking or great at playing to a crowd. In fact, to a guy like Hawkeye, Tony Stark *is* a superhero. Building the Mark I was no sweat for him (he did it in prison, dying, and out of junk he found lying around).

That’s because Tony’s superpower, his Thor-like divine ability, is his SUPER BRAIN. He practically farted out the Mark I, and every upgrade after.

Hawkeye? All’s he’s got is a fancy bow invented and tweaked by smarter men, and purchased by richer ones. The rest is sweat: the grueling, endless training that makes him a marksman worthy of the weapon and able to hang with the Thors and Iron Men of the world.

He’s also got courage: The ability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Hulk and Cap and face whatever’s coming their way, doubting his ability to face it, but determined to go down trying.

I’m Hawkeye. I don’t have any superpowers. I’m not a natural genius. I’m not rich. Nobody injected me with Super Soldier Serum. My parents weren’t gods.

All I’ve got is hard work and hope.

Sometimes, that’s enough.

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  • Jennie Ivins says:

    “Unlike Tony Stark, he’s not a nat­ural genius, not a bil­lion­aire, not par­tic­u­larly good looking or great at playing to a crowd.”
    I would beg to differ on this point. Hawkeye is very good looking. Tony Stark I could take or leave. 😛 Great article otherwise. 😉 Out of curiousity, have you ever used a bow and arrow?

  • Dan Adler says:

    You’ll always be a superhero to me 😉

  • casz brewster-rothe says:

    My friends and I were having a similar conversation. I picked Hawkeye, as well. Hard work and hope are powerful possessions; they make the holder something very fierce.

    Just a note — doesn’t that glow-y thing in Stark’s chest have something to do with it all, too? 😉

  • Peat says:

    Just try to have better fashion sense.

  • The only thing I disagree with is the fact that Hawkeye isn’t great a playing a crowd. I think he most definitely is—growing up in a circus will do that. I’mma quote the newest Marvel RPG datafile for Hawkeye here:

    “Clint Barton is two-parts swashbuckler and one-part showman. Win or lose, he’s going to do it his way and with /style/. He may fight the good fight, but he has fun doing it and shows off every chance he gets.”

  • Paul Weimer says:

    The disadvantage to you being Hawkeye, though, Myke, is that Hawkeye can be very much a loner. You are far more social and sociable than Hawkeye on his best day.

  • Elisa Nuckle says:

    Hard work and courage can get you places. At least that’s what my professors, teachers, and counselors have always said, lol. In all seriousness, if you strive to be Hawkeye you will be a badass, if you aren’t already.

    Oh and out of all the Avengers, I like Hawkeye a lot because of how normal he is, and tries to do what’s necessary anyway. That’s something a lot of people like about the character I think.

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