Guest Post: Leanna Renee Hieber’s Top Ten Fashion Ideas for Writers

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Hey all, 

I just got the outline on my new tattoo done today. It was on the inside of my bicep, up into my armpit and over the inside of my elbow. For those of you who’ve been tattooed, you will understand that those are particularly sensitive parts of the body. It knocked the stuffing out of me, so I figure tonight’s a good night to take a back seat and let someone else drive. 

I’ve known Leanna for years from the con scene, and as she is now both one of my sisters in the Holy Taco *and* has a book coming out, I figure now would be a good time to let her take the helm. I’m up at Boskone next weekend, and look forward to seeing some of you there! Take it away Leanna!

Dear Readers of Myke Cole’s Blog. I have a ton of fun with Myke at various conventions throughout this great land, and he’s kindly offered me a spot here on his home base. Thanks Myke!

I’m an actress, playwright and award-winning author writing Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy Eterna Covernovels for Tor. I’m currently promoting the upcoming release of my 7th full length novel, THE ETERNA FILES, a spooky, atmospheric adventure following two eccentric paranormal offices in 1882 London and New York. As the departments embark on an ill-fated search for immortality, they stumble across something more dark and dangerous than they could have bargained for.

I am always seen in various degrees of Victorian Mourning and by now people have come to understand that it isn’t a costume, it’s just my life. So, on that note, and since the last thing you’d think to find on Myke’s blog is something about playing dress-up, I figure I’d offer you all… *drumroll*

Leanna Renee Hieber’s Top Ten Fashion Ideas for Writers (Closed Captioned for the Actual Content):

  1. Always wear something terrifically uncomfortable to help keep you focused. Audiences love discomfort. (Subtitle: While conflict is the seed of all good fiction, and Leanna is often seen in a corset, she’s a trained theatrical professional, kids, don’t try this at home. If you’re grimacing all the way through your author presentation, so will your audience).
  1. Try donning a Snuggie to battle overzealous convention air-conditioning. (Subtitle: Run away.)


  1. Pajama Chic, baby. (Subtitle: Reports show that while most writers may indeed write in their pajamas, readers might want to retain the illusion that their favourite authors actually wear clothes).


  1. Masks help confuse the reader into buying your book. (Subtitle: Adventures in looking nothing like your author photo and creeping out your public…)


  1. Formal. Dress. (Subtitle: Someone has to take writers seriously. Might as well be writers.)


  1. Wear your Regulation Writer’s Uniform. (Subtitle: Oh, stop you silly novelists, you don’t have a Union, you’re on your own)


  1. The rumpled, unwashed, on-deadline look is very in this year. (Subtitle: Do pull up your pants and shave.)


  1. Colour. Loud, obnoxious, eye-piercing colour. (Subtitle: Leanna is only seen in entirely black Victorian Mourning regalia and can only be distinguished from the black convention curtains by a shock of red-blonde hair and the laugh of a deranged Muppet. Do not be fooled by this advice of “Colour” – replete with haughty British U)
  1. Wear a shirt that says BUY MY BOOK. (Subtitle: This may work for author Sam Sykes only)
  1. Be yourself. Professional, but comfortably your authentic self at all times, as subtle or as flamboyant as that self may be. Know thyself, and present accordingly. (Subtitle: Truth)

If you’re into historical, paranormal fantasy with an edge of horror and the Gothic, I hope you’ll check out THE ETERNA FILES. And I’ll fashionably see you all at an upcoming convention. Cheers and happy haunting!


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