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Here’s the TL;DR:

I’m going to be bartending at Coup (64 Cooper Sq. in Manhattan’s East Village) on August 22nd, from 5PM-Midnight, and I need drink ideas. I was hoping you’d help me with that, and I’ll be giving those who provide the three winning drink recipes an Advanced Read Copy (ARC) of my forthcoming novel SIEGE LINE, before it goes on sale in October!

And if you’d like to come out and yell at me to make your drink faster, well, that’d be finer’n frog hair.

Here’s the details:

Anyone following me on social media can’t help but note the . . . well, let’s not sugar coat it . . . litany of rage and despair that has consumed me since the election results, and the subsequent parade of national humiliations that has followed. Folks who have been with me when I started writing professionally distantly remember a time when I avoided politics, but it’s a position I have abandoned entirely. I view America in the midst of a horrific crisis, the stark struggle between simple poles of good and evil – with the fate of our national character at stake.

If that seems dramatic, it’s because it is. I have spent my entire professional life in government service, so this is hitting me harder than some. I am long past apologizing for the intensity of my reaction to America post-November. If the GOP is right, then literally everything I have ever believed, everything I’ve stood for, risked my life for, is wrong.

And I cannot accept that. I have spent my entire life fighting. I fought against al-Qa’ida and Jaysh al-Mahdi in Iraq, against the Russian GRU, against criminals and negligents who would have made our national waterways into drug and arms trafficking-corridors, and at long last, against technologically-enfranchised crooks who would see the city I call home uninhabitable just for the fucking lulz.

Fighting is what I DO, and I will be doing it into my grave.

I never thought it would be, but my own government is the enemy now, and so it is incumbent on me to fight them. But what do I actually do? Take up arms and shatter the nation I seek to save? Of course not. Run for office? I live in the deep blue polity of New York City. Anyone I ran against would be someone I agree with. I have called my senators. I have given to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and Trans Lifeline and every other charity I can think of. I have raged and quipped and savaged online until I am sick of the sound of my own virtual voice.

It isn’t enough. I need to do more.

So, imagine my overjoyed surprise when I found out about Coup. Ravi DeRossi, Sother Teague and Max Green feel the same way I do, and they used the tools they had to hand – cocktails. They opened Coup, an East Village cocktail bar that donates 100% of its profits to charities, campaigns and organizations that stand against Trump and his cabal.

Raising a glass may seem like a small cut, but I have been fighting for a living long enough to know that it is the small cuts that bleed the enemy out.

Coup has been kind enough to host me behind the bar on the evening of August 22nd. I will donate 100% of my wages and tips, and every nickel of profit made will go the charities of my choice, and I’ll be designating my Big Three – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Planned Parenthood, and Trans Lifeline – as the beneficiaries.

Folks, I want this event raise the roof. I want the coffers of my Big Three to swell, and I want to bask in the satisfaction that every penny we put out will be an arrowhead shot straight into the heart of the enemy. I want the fire department to issue us a warning that the place is over capacity. I want to be working so hard behind that bar that I barely have time to nod hello to any of you.

And this: I want to know that, as much as this action, however small, helps me to feel even a tiny fraction more in control of my nation’s destiny, I want to feel that it’s doing the same for all of you. That I will hear in the clinking of glasses and the chattering of voices something that sounds like hope.

So, I need your help:

1.) First and foremost – I need to you show up and SPEND.

2.) Coup requires that each guest bartender bring their own menu of three speciality drinks, and I want you to choose them.

– Email me, tweet or FB me your favorite drink recipes (give them creative names!) or post them in the comments of this blog post.

– I will pick the three winners and make sure the bar is stocked with what we need to make them.

– Each winner will receive a signed ARC of SIEGE LINE, shipped anywhere in the world on my dime.

Thanks to everyone who has put up with my flailing efforts to come to grips with the cracking of my foundations. Those of you who have reached out, amplified the signal and joined me in pumping my fist in the air, who have reminded me that I am not alone, that it is not over, that there is always hope, you are life, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

And now I am asking for your help. Give me your best drink ideas, and then come out and help me put our money where our mouth is, and make those small cuts that will eventually bleed this giant out.


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  • Mara says:

    Persephone’s delight

    A day or two ahead mix fine, dry, brown canesugar with chilli powder, finely grated lime rind (organic and washed with hot water and dried) and salt.
    Mix well.
    Rim the cocktail glass with limejuice and salt, put 1 teaspoon of the sugar mix into the glass. If you like put some fresh sliced strawberries in too. Put crushed ice over it.
    Mix 4cl silver tequila with some lime juice and ice in a shaker. Add it to the liquid to the glass, fill up with strawberry juice, stir. Garnish with mint and strawberries.

  • Andy Konecny says:

    A Slice of Oscar
    A shot each of Vanilla vodka and dark creme de cacao.
    Prepared as a standard martini, shaken of course with ice.
    with a stick of chocolate such as After Eight sticks to garnish.

    Now to see if I can manage to get that far south, perhaps making a trip to see the full eclipse the day before.
    Those of us who can’t make it will want to see video of you making some drinks and the event
    Good luck and happy mixing.

  • Renee Bennett says:

    Bronx Cheer
    A shot of raspberry Sour Puss
    A glass of lemonade
    Serve over ice.

    Optional add-ons: a cherry on top, or sugar on the rim of the glass.

    Can’t make it to the event, but best wishes for its success.

  • Annie says:

    I’ve been thinking long and hard on a drink that will represent the cause… and I insist it include Campari for the bitterness of it all. Then since mules are all the rage, seems like ginger ale should be included. Then I was researching Campari cocktails (I drink mine plain over ice usually, so not much experience in mixing it) and came across The Boulevardier. I had something similar at a bar in Phoenix a couple of years ago. Equal parts Campari, bourbon (or whiskey, but you are a bourbon drinker) and sweet vermouth.

    To recap:

    The Cole:
    1 part your favorite bourbon
    1 part Campari
    1 part sweet vermouth (Martini and Rossi has one, but may wanna go more upscale)
    Pour in a glass over ice, stir.

    For a watered down version, add club soda, lemon-lime soda, or ginger ale and more ice. Voila!

  • Logan Spangler says:

    Claymore (riff on the Revolver cocktail)
    -2oz blended Scotch
    -1/2oz coffee liquor
    -2 to 3 dashes orange bitters

    Mix liquids, stir with ice, strain into a glass, and (with a mister, spray bottle, or Misto) spritz the top of the drink with a blast of peaty Scotch like Laphroaig.

    Alternatively, just use the peaty Scotch instead of the blended scotch.

    You can also just make a Revolver – which is a dry, spicy Bourbon (like Bulleit), coffee liquor, and orange bitters and then instead of the spritz of peaty Scotch you express a flamed orange rind (not peel) over the top of the drink so you singe the rind a little and oils from the rind catch the flame as they are expressed.

  • ellid says:

    Two suggestions:

    The Liberal (h/t to Ted Haigh)

    1 1โ„2 oz Rye (or bourbon)
    1โ„2 oz Sweet vermouth
    1โ„4 oz Amer Picon
    1 ds Orange bitters

    Stir vigorously, strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

    The Firecracker

    1.5 oz vodka
    1 oz lemon juice
    1.5 oz. blue curaรงao
    1 oz. grenadine
    Splash of simple syrup

    Fill a tall glass with ice.

    Slowly add Grenadine for a layer of red.

    Slowly add blue curacao to make a layer of blue.

    Shake ice, lemon juice, simple syrup and vodka. Slowly add to make a layer of white.

    Garnish with a cherry.

  • Poul Erik Holmelund says:

    Hung Sailor

    2 cl Linie Aquavit
    1 cl of Blue Curaca0
    Schweppes Ginger Ale
    Shaken with crushed Ice

  • Sarah Berns says:

    White Russian Spy.

    Baileys, Kaluha or alternate coffee liquor
    Vodka (cheap well kind)
    Almond milk (Real milk is allowable option)

    Sugar the rim of the glass. Pour over ice cubes. Spit on an orange slice and serve on a cocktail napkin on the side (recommend not eating OJ slice). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Poul Erik Holmelund says:

    So how did it go and who won? ๐Ÿ™‚

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