Gemini Cell ARC Giveaway contest winners!

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Hey all,

Been a busy few weeks. After completing a first draft of JAVELIN RAIN, I’ve gone into creative recharge mode, and have been spending my evenings reading comics. Now, lest you go thinking I’m actually having any fun here, you should keep in mind that I read comics the way a boxer watches his opponent’s fight videos. I will admit to taking some enjoyment from the practice, but what I’m really doing to stocking my mental larder for future forays into the creative wasteland.

Sheesh. Talk about overwriting. Anyway! I also have chosen my winners for the Gemini Cell ARC Giveaway contest. I got a ton of fantastic entries, running the gamut from wistful to authentic looking to downright breathtaking. I wish I had enough ARCs to give one to everyone, but military life is all about making hard calls.

Here are my three winners (in no particular order):

1.) Herne, for his *awesome* Gemini Cell logo. I love the alien looking faces of the twins.

Here's awesome logo for the Gemini Cell

Herne’s awesome logo for the Gemini Cell.

2.) Logan’s entry is just as amazing, but totally different. He goes for a play on the constellation Gemini, which is both haunting and totally military.

Logan's take on the Gemini Cell logo is rooted in the constellation.

Logan’s take on the Gemini Cell logo is rooted in the constellation.

3.) Mia’s two pronged approach to the Summoning School badge won partly due to the design, and partly due to the amazing motto. It really captures how Summoners see themselves.

Service Beyond Death - The Summoners of the Gemini Cell.

Service Beyond Death – The Summoners of the Gemini Cell.

I’ve contacted the winners offline, and each will be receiving a signed copy of the the GEMINI CELL Advanced Read Copy (ARC) for their library. Thanks again to all the entrants, and I hope you like the book, which hits shelves on January 27th. That’s just THREE WEEKS.

Hopefully this contest has given you the barest hint of what to expect. Thanks again!

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