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By September 16, 2012Comms

A lot of good news lately on the international front for the SHADOW OPS series. After wrapping up a successful trip to London to launch the UK edition of CONTROL POINT, I got the news that both Chinese and German translation rights had sold within weeks of one another.

This gave me an idea.

My friend Pete has a cool map over at his website showing the geographic laydown of his international deals. It’s an homage to our many hours spent playing Risk (sometimes Lord of the Rings edition, sometimes not) at his place before either of us became writers, but it also appeals to my military logistics/planning side.

Because the only thing someone in the military likes more than a manual is a map.

So I’m taking a page from Pete’s book, to see how my own world conquest is coming.

It still boggles my mind that people in other countries, countries as far away as CHINA, are willing to pay money to hear what I have to say. It’s humbling, terrifying even.

But somehow, when you’re looking at a map like this? It also feels totally worth it.


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