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I recently tweeted the great news that Advanced Read Copies (ARCs) of the 2nd book in the SHADOW OPS series, FORTRESS FRONTIER, have arrived! I’m really proud of the way the book turned out, and even more excited by the amazing map inside by Priscilla Spencer!


These ARCs are already in the mail to reviewers, and those with NetGalley accounts can email my publicist here –  to request a widget to download an eCopy for review.

But I know there are fans of the series who’d like ARCs of their own, so I’m giving away two copies!

Here’s how you can win your copy:

In Chapter XIII of the first novel in the SHADOW OPS series, CONTROL POINT, the reader is introduced to Covens 1 through 10. These Covens are the basic training units for military Sorcerers and are named after various constellations. Here’s a quote from CONTROL POINT:

Each entrance was marked by a swinging brown sign . . . one read COVEN 6. CAMELOPARDALIS. Below that, in smaller script—NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH! Beneath the writing was a stylized image of a giraffe stretching its long neck toward an apple on a branch. Coven Five bore the image of a belching furnace with the words FORNAX. HELL HATH NO FURY! Coven Seven fielded the image of a swan, beneath which was written: CYGNUS. GRACE UNDER FIRE. Here was an arrow in flight. There a peacock with feathers spread in a glorious sunburst.

The most sinister and famous of them is Coven 4, Umbra, whose motto is The Magic Behind the Magic. Also known as Shadow Coven, Coven 4 is the most important unit in

Shadow Coven’s logo

the story.

My question to you is this: What are Covens 11-20? Name the Coven.  It doesn’t have to be after a constellation, or you can pick different constellations. Give the Coven a motto. If you REALLY want to impress me? Draw a logo or emblem for the Coven (you don’t have to draw a logo, but it will greatly increase your chances of impressing me). Email your answers to me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com, or post it as a comment on this blog entry. I’ll pick my two favorites and send you copies of the FORTRESS FRONTIER ARC!

I’ll pick the winners over the next month or so. Really looking forward to seeing what folks come up with, and I hope people love FORTRESS FRONTIER.

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