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Hey all,

Kind of a basket of updates here. I spent the last week doing makeup drills, which was an absolute blast. A lot of the saltier sailors in my unit, field grade officers and chief petty officers, are a lot less gung-ho on serving than I am. Since I’m still company grade, I keep waiting for my enjoyment to wear off, but it never seems to happen.

Anyway, some news in my writing/military career I wanted to bring you up to speed on:

– The final revisions for CONTROL POINT have been delivered/accepted by my editor. This means the creative part of the book is done. I will still have to review copyedits/proofing, and while I guess I *can* continue to revise at that phase of the process, that’s not likely to happen. This is the book you’re going to get, minus the punctuation/spelling changes that will get ironed out in the proofing process.

My first interview since going pro has been posted at The Ranting Dragon. It tells you a lot about the book, the series and yours truly, and I hope you’ll check it out.

– While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Ethan Gilsdorf’s article about D&D nerds who grew up. I’m interviewed in there along with superstar fantasy author Peter V. Brett.

– Got a power-up for my military character sheet as well: the Special Operations Service Ribbon (SOS) for service in Deepwater Horizon. Yes, I know, just a gee-gaw, but when you get paid as little as we do in the military, having your hard work recognized is nice. ┬áBesides, it keeps the chiefs from making fun of you for not having enough decorations. One does get a little tired of hearing “excuse me, sir! There’s a stain on your shirt!” after a while.

Anyway, back in DC for the nonce. The next big steps are selling my car and then I will finally make the big, permanent move to Brooklyn. At this point it’s been so long in coming it’ll be anti-climactic.

Oh, and somebody Tivo Game of Thrones for me. I’m missing it because (for the next couple of days at least) I live on a couch.

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