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Two weeks ago, I decided to celebrate the holiday season with  my second contest to win an ARC of FORTRESS FRONTIER. Contestants had to come up with new schools of magic in the SHADOW OPS universe, with extra credit to those who designed the uniform pins or patches for that school.

My original intention was to award only one prize: a signed copy of my last Advanced Read Copy (ARC) of FORTRESS FRONTIER.

But after dozens of amazing entries, I’ve decided to give three prizes. But first, the grand prize winner:

Doug describes the school of NoPantsyMancy as “The art of magically disrobing your enemy. Or your friends.” It is, of course, a Probe school.

Doug's NoPantsyMancy School Pin!

Doug’s NoPantsyMancy School Pin!

Congratulations, Doug. You win my last FORTRESS FRONTIER ARC, signed, personalized and shipped to your door.

The two runners up will get a choice of a signed copy of:

– WRITERS OF THE FUTURE VOL. XIX, featuring my story, Blood and Horses.

– THE BOOK OF FINAL FLESH, featuring my story, Shouting Down the Moon.

– THE 2013 STEPHEN KING DESK CALENDAR, featuring my essay, King’s Lord of the Rings.

– An ARC of the UK edition of CONTROL POINT.

– A final copy of the UK edition of CONTROL POINT.

Limit one prize per runner-up. Congratulations to the two runners-up! They are:

Jennifer, for her Sanguimancy school. Jennifer describes the school:

Sanguimancers are able to interact with the blood of living creatures.
Depending on the strength of the sanguimancer, they may be able to quickly locate an individual or track the individual using a drop of his or her blood. However live blood cells must be present in the samples in order to locate the individual. A sanguimancer couldn’t track or locate someone using old, dried blood.

Sanguimancers can also create doubles, which are under the sanguimancer’s control. These doubles only last as long as the blood source (ie person you are doubling) remains alive (defined by a beating heart; brain-dead individuals may be doubled but the connection is far more tenuous). A sanguimancer couldn’t steal the blood of an individual and replace them after death. As long as the person’s absence hasn’t been suspected, this would enable sanguimancers to gain access to restricted areas and obtain critical information undetected.

Sanguimancers are also able to manipulate blood behaviour within an individual provided the sanguimancer maintains visual contact. They are able to thicken blood and hasten plaque formation (atherosclerosis) causing heart attacks, strokes and/or thrombosis in a chosen location of the body. They can also increase pressure rapidly in localized areas to cause internal bleeding or induce arterial ruptures. Sanguimancers may also halt coagulation and clot formation in a wound to inflict greater injury. Alternatively, they could induce rapid clot formation to stop a bleed. They can also increase red blood cell formation in order to rapidly increase the endurance of an individual, or enable them to withstand low-oxygen environments.

Sanguimancers have greater control over individuals that share their blood type (A, B, AB or O). The blood types are represented on their school pin.

Jennifer's Sanguimancy Pin

Jennifer’s Sanguimancy Pin!

Dwayne, for his Alchemancy School. Dwayne describes the school:

· Transmutation of common metals into Gold
· Creation of Longevity serums
· Funding source for all Shadow Covens
· Transmutation of objects into other objects remaining in same mass, cannot make a tank from a spoon… (i.e. spatula into knife)
· Reduction of objects to original material(s)

Dwayne's Alchemancy Pin!

Dwayne’s Alchemancy Pin!

Congratulations to all the winners! I hope this contest makes your holiday. It sure as hell has made mine. So amazing to see my art inspiring others. You can check out all the awesome entries on my fan art page!

It may be a while before I can post again, so please accept my best wishes for a happy holiday. All the best to you in 2013! We’re on track for a great year.


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