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Please accept my apologies for taking so long to pick the winners of the latest contest. I have a few excuses:

– My 2nd book is coming out in 11 days. I am burning the midnight oil promoting it.

– My 3rd book is due in a little over a month. I just turned the 6th draft in to my agent.

– I just got back from Confusion 13, which set the bar for the best con experience I’ve had thus far. We played the 2nd running of what’s shaping up to be an annual Author D&D game, and it took a LOT of prep time to get it up and running smoothly.

– I was overwhelmed by the FLOOD of amazing entries. You can check them out on the COMBINED FORCE page.

Before I present our winners, I want to note one entry which didn’t qualify as it wasn’t a magic item, but deserves mention for being fucking AWESOME. Jerome, who is one of our winners, designed sleeve patches for four of the five schools authorized schools under the McGauer-Linden Act. Check it out!

Jerome's SOC Patches

Jerome’s SOC Patches from top left: Pyromancy, Terramancy, Hydromancy and Aeromancy.

Incredible job, Jerome. Thanks so much for sharing those with me.

And now, on to our winners.

The first is . . . well, Jerome, for his kickass magically enhanced unarmed combat system nicknamed “MAC and Freeze.”

Jerome's "MAC and Freeze"

Jerome’s “MAC and Freeze”

Outstanding creativity and execution, Jerome. So cool.

Our second winner is Amelia, with her LCAC-AM, which she describes as follows:

The LCAC-AM (Landing Craft Air Cushion – Aeromancy). All the
capabilities of a traditional LCAC, but fully powered by Aeromancy for
both cushion and propulsion, eliminating the need for engines, fuel,
and fans.

Amelia's LCAC-AM

Amelia’s LCAC-AM

Great idea Amelia, this is exactly the kind of magical application that Entertech and the SOC would use to support operations.

Last, but certainly not least, is Brandon’s outstanding SSWTC, a magically enhanced poncho.


Brandon's SSWTC

Brandon’s SSWTC

Great idea, Brandon. This is exactly the sort of thing I could see the SOC issuing to the rank and file.

Congratulations to all our winners! They each get their choice of either a signed US or UK edition copy of FORTRESS FRONTIER, mailed to their home.

It kills me to have to choose just three of these great entries, but I promise to do another giveaway soon.

Thanks again for all the creativity and ingenuity you put into these, and for the support that enables me to keep going in what is, undeniably, the most awesome job in the world.





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