Challenge coin sighting and off to SDCC

By July 8, 2012Comms

Short blog post today. I spent the 4th of July enforcing the water-based security zone for the New York City fireworks. While it was an incredible experience (best view of the fireworks, since I was literally on the Hudson river) it was also exhausting, and left me way behind on my writing. So, two things:

1.) Next week, I’m off to San Diego Comic Con. A reminder of my schedule. I’ve been going to New York Comic Con for years as a fan, and finally getting to speak there and sign ARCs of CONTROL POINT remains one of the highlights of my life to date. San Diego is even bigger, and I will be speaking again and doing two signings this time. Suffice to say I’m psyched as hell and hope to see you all there.

2.) Got a challenge coin pic, this time from my friend Alex stationed out in Hawaii. He’s sending me a challenge coin from his unit, which I’ll post until it arrives. Love seeing a soldier in battle-rattle holding that up. It helps me to imagine him as a SOC operator in support of takedown Coven ready to hunt Selfers!

Alex with the SOC Challenge Coin

Thanks Alex! Welcome to the corps.

Remember, your challenge coin gets mine. If you’re in a military, law-enforcement or other challenge coin bearing unit and would like to swap, just shoot me an email.

See you all at SDCC!

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