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By November 30, 2011Comms

Hopefully folks remember my blog post on challenge coins (and the fact that I have them for the SOC – the fictional military unit that my novels are based around) from a while back.

Since then, I’ve had a standing offer to anyone serving in a unit that has challenge coins: Your coins gets mine. My buddy Jenny gave me a McGuire AFB Wing Commander coin at Philcon in exchange for a SOC coin. And now I’ve got one from the 260th Quartermaster Battalion at Ft. Stewart thanks to my buddy Drew! (I showed off some of his awesome artwork in an earlier post).

Left: Drew's coin. Right: The SOC coin I'm sending him. Your coin gets mine!

I *love* doing stuff like this. Absolutely thrilled to be bringing a time-honored military tradition to the attention of fantasy fans. If you’re serving in a military, law-enforcement or other coin bearing unit, I hope you’ll drop me a line at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com. I’d be honored to trade coins with you.


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