Challenge Coin Exchange – 4

By February 5, 2012Comms

Many of you know that I am in the habit of exchanging challenge coins with members of the military, law-enforcement or other organizations that are . . . uh . . . coin bearing. Those who’ve read CONTROL POINT know that the book centers around a fictional military unit called the SOC, and I have had challenge coins created for this unit.

The latest challenge coin exchange is with my buddy Rob, an airframe mechanic who works on the most enduring and reliable flying platform in the military. You all know it as the Blackhawk, but we use a variant, the Jawhawk.

This is a great coin to add to my collection, and I hope Rob enjoys having the SOC coin in his.

L - Rob's Blackhawk Anniversary coin R - My SOC coin. Your coin gets mine!

Remember, your coin gets mine! If you’re military, law-enforcement, or a member of another organization that uses challenge coins and want to trade with me, email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com.


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