Challenge Coin Exchange – 2

By December 1, 2011Comms

Hey all,

Yesterday I did a blog post on challenge coin exchanges. Another coin came in the mail today, this time from my friend Chris at US Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team Boston. (MSSTs are our hardasses – door-kickers and pipe-hitters). Chris already has a SOC challenge coin that I sent him while he was stationed at gitmo.

L - MSST Boston's coin R - My SOC coin. Your coin gets mine!

Once again, your coin gets mine. If you’re in a military, law enforcement or other coin bearing unit, email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com. Be thrilled to swap challenge coins with you.


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Myke Cole is an American writer of history and fantasy who leverages a lifetime in military, law enforcement and intelligence service to take you to battlefields, real and imagined.

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