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Well, the whirlwind of release week is finally behind me. I’ve already told you how important those numbers are for me, and I’ll know the final word tomorrow. Judging by my obsessive tea-leaf readings into the alchemy known as amazon sales rankings, y’all came through in spades and I am so so so grateful for the support. All I want in life is to get to keep doing this professionally, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to make that happen.

So, now I’m pretty much neck deep in copies of BREACH ZONE (not that I bought any copies myself in an effort to boost my first week sales numbers. No, sir. Not me), and you know what that means.

Giveaway time.

I mention here that BREACH ZONE is an incidentally (yet still profoundly) political book. Scylla can be argued to be one of the main characters in the story, and she comes to war with a propaganda campaign of her very own. She means to make a new world, one where Latent people can be “free” as she sees it. Of course, that means a little . . . less . . . freedom for those of us who aren’t able to channel magic.

You all remember this famous poster don’t you?

imagesWell, here’s Scylla’s:

ScyllaContestWhich brings us to our contest:

– You take any slice of any of my book covers (US or UK edition) and you turn it into a campaign poster. Click here for a laydown of all my covers. Click each image for a larger, more detailed picture you can crop from.

– The slogan should match the character and what their goals are in the story.

– It doesn’t have to be Shepard Fairey style. Feel free to play around with fonts, colors and styles. Feel free to add/remove images as much as your photoshop skills can handle.

– Email me the poster or post it in the comments thread below. DO NOT tweet it at me or send it to me via Facebook message. DO NOT post it on my Facebook wall.

I’ll pick *Five* winners to receive a signed copy of BREACH ZONE (US edition) *and* a Shadow Coven challenge coin!

Go to, my lovelies. Really looking forward to seeing what your twisted minds come up with.


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