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So, I’ve been putting this off as long as I possibly could. I thought that by offering five prizes instead of my usual three, I could stave off the hard choices. But, to my great chagrin (and delight), you have once again overwhelmed me with awesome entries. After a great deal of pondering, and rending of garments, and tearing of hair, and VERY MANLY crying, I have chosen my winners.

If you see yourself below, please email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com with your mailing address and I’ll send out the signed copy of BREACH ZONE and a challenge coin. If you already have a copy, and would prefer to donate your copy to someone else, or to a good cause such as a library, please provide with the name AND ADDRESS where you would like it sent.

Once again, AMAZING entries. I am continually jazzed and humbled by how seriously you take my work. We’re building this universe together. Thanks.

Here are the winners in no particular order:

Tanya’s kickass play on the Rosie the Riveter theme:



Gimmemocha’s creation of one of the best SHADOW OPS slogans ever:



KC wins TWO times with his WWII style propaganda posters, because his double entries were two awesome to pass on. (KC, let me know where you want the second book sent, happy to send you both if you prefer):



KC_scylla call to arms posterAnd Garrett’s killer SOC recruiting flyer complete with 1-800 numbers!


You guys. You. Guys. This is why I do it. You make every long night alone at my laptop worthwhile.

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