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No time for a lengthy post tonight, as I’m off to see Pacific Rim for a minute, and I’m not excited at all. No sir, not me. You’re going to need to drag me there, kicking and swinging.

But, before I go, I wanted to share a couple of cool developments in the birth of my 3rd novel, BREACH ZONE.

The first is the US cover, which debuted on Geek Exchange a couple of days ago. For those of you who missed it, here it is:

The US cover for BREACH ZONE!

The US cover for BREACH ZONE!

It’s another of Michael Komarck’s masterpieces, in line with the other two covers he’s done for me so far. This one features Harlequin, front and center, (yes, he’s the protagonist of the book). He’s flanked by Scylla, whose evil ways will at last be explained, along with the twisted story of how she got that way. On his other side is Crucible, who you’ve gotten to know through both CONTROL POINT and FORTRESS FRONTIER. If you look through the smoke and ash, you can just barely see the steps and columns of Federal Hall on Wall Street in Manhattan. Yup, this book takes place entirely in New York City.

Speaking of New York, here’s the map of it that will appear in BREACH ZONE:

The map for BREACH ZONE

The map for BREACH ZONE

This is another one by Priscilla Spencer, who also did the amazing map for FORTRESS FRONTIER. There are a lot of hints here on what you can expect. A familiar monster, a Coast Guard Cutter (Oorah!), and a familiar image of a swallow in flight (now, where have we seen *that* before, I wonder?)

Suffice to say that I’m so so so incredibly jazzed to be working with such amazing artists, and so thrilled to see my art coming to life through theirs.

I’m excited for BREACH ZONE’s release, and I hope this cover and map will ensure that you are too.

6 months and counting! Hang with me, folks.


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