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A busy few weeks since the last post. Headline should be releasing the UK cover for BREACH ZONE soon, and I’ve got a blog post reflecting on Larry Rostant‘s art and what it means to me.

Until then, I figured we’d do another giveaway contest. This one is directly inspired (read: shamelessly stolen) from Mark Lawrence’s Book Topple contest, but with my inevitable military twist (as I bemoan being typecast as “that military guy” while simultaneously reinforcing said label at every turn).

Combining two of my great loves: books and defensive tactics, I’d like you to build a fort out of books. It can be big enough to shelter 10 people, it can be small enough to be defended by a LEGO figure. It need only meet the following criteria:

– It must be a defensive fortification (castle, pillbox, bunker, palisade, trace italienne, etc . . .)

– It must be built entirely out of reading material. Comic books, magazines and eReaders are acceptable, though actual books are preferred.

Fort SHADOW OPS will hold to the last round and the last man.

Fort SHADOW OPS will hold to the last round and the last man.

Extra points for forts that are exceptionally big, creative, part of a larger scene, etc . . . Take a picture of your fort and email your entries to me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com, or post them in the comments section of this blog post.

I’ll give the following prizes:

1st prize: A hardcover edition of CONTROL POINT.

2nd prize: THE BOOK OF FINAL FLESH zombie anthology featuring my short story SHOUTING DOWN THE MOON.

3rd prize: A C4-U Umbra Coven challenge coin (without having to swap anything for it. I will always swap challenge coins with anyone in the military, law-enforcement or other challenge coin bearing organization).

Now, go forth and indulge every paranoid fantasy you’ve ever secretly harbored. They’re coming to get you (or your Star Wars action figures), and the only thing between you and the ravening hordes is an impregnable barrier of . . . uh . . . well, mostly paper, I guess.

But never mind that! Go forth and create! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Myke Cole is an American writer of history and fantasy who leverages a lifetime in military, law enforcement and intelligence service to take you to battlefields, real and imagined.

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