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This contest went on for nearly a month. That’s a *lot* longer than I intended and about twice as long as any contest I’ve held thus far.

I have some good excuses: Okay, I have *one* good excuse, but it’s a REALLY good excuse. Planning for and pulling off the Worldcon Drinks with Authors party was a heroic effort made possible largely through the efforts of Justin Landin, Steve Drew and the legions of Reddit Fantasy Redditors who came out to help. On the downside, it took all of my time and concentration. On the upside, it was the party of the year, with pretty much everyone at the con showing up and rocking out until bar con took over for the wee hours. SUCH a great time, and I am so grateful to everyone who sweat to make it happen.

It also helps that this year’s Hugos saw many of my friends walking off the stage with rocket ships (Mur Lafferty for the Campbell! I’m still vibrating over that).

Also? Writing.

Anyway, turns out it’s a good thing the contest went on so long, because we got an incredible crop of AWESOME entries. You people have truly outdone yourselves this time, and I have been up many long nights trying to pick winners. It wasn’t helped by the fact that many of the best entries were submitted by other pro authors, which nearly convinced me to break my rule of never giving prizes to close friends or other pros.

But, in the end, I held fast, and while it has been absolutely painful, I’ve finally decided on three. Here are the winners:

3rd prize, a C4-U Umbra Coven challenge coin (ah, hell. That’s a lame prize, isn’t it? I’ll throw in copies of both my published novels if you don’t already have them), goes to Stefanie Kralisch, for her literary Roundhouse defended by a flexible Gingerbread Man and a Lucky Care Bear. Check it out here.

2nd prize, THE BOOK OF FINAL FLESH zombie anthology featuring my short story SHOUTING DOWN THE MOON, goes to Brenda Gerritsma, for her last ditch defense against a horde of ravening rats. And Cats. And . . . uh . . . little fluffy sheep-ball-things. Anyway, it’s awesome. Check it out here.

And the 1st prize, A hard­cover edi­tion of CONTROL POINT, goes to Aileen Duckett for her killer text-based Motte and Bailey that is . . . um . . . under attack by live rats. Amazing. Check it out here.

Congratulations to the winners! Please email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com with your mailing addresses and I’ll get those prizes off to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered. This has been the best contest yet and I hope you had as much fun entering as I did hosting.

It’ll be hard to top this one! I’ll put my thinking cap on.

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