SIEGE LINE Fan Art Contest – Giveaway

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As I’m sure most of you know, SIEGE LINE, the 3rd book in my REAWAKENING prequel trilogy and my 6th published novel, comes out on Halloween. I said in an earlier tweet that’s its a bittersweet release for me. It marks the end of my first story arc, a world I’ve been laboring in/on for 6 years as a pro, and at least a decade as an aspirant. I’m both sad and relieved to see this part of my career come to a close. I’ve been accused before of creating my own sub-genre here (contemporary military fantasy), and while I’m careful not to lay claim to it (for fear I missed another author who did it first), I do take some pride in the idea. It’s been a wild ride, and one I’m incredibly grateful to you all for joining me on. To celebrate, I’m doing my last release giveaway for a SHADOW OPS book. This one is an open…

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New York Comic Con Schedule!

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Apologies for the late post, but I finally have my schedule hammered down for New York Comic Con. Hope you’ll come out and say hi, but remember that if you can’t, I take a lot of pride in being approachable. Feel free to hit me up in the hallway. Happy to sign whatever you want or just chat for a minute. That said, we’ve got great programming this year, and chances for you to get free books. Check it out: Friday – 10/6, 2:00pm at Hudson Mercantile – 500 West 36th St. I’ll be running a session of Fantasy Flight’s *awesome* Star Wars miniatures game Imperial Assault to raise money for Worldbuilders! Details here. Saturday – 10/7, 12pm at Penguin Random House booth #2104H I’ll be signing and giving away copies of my novels GEMINI CELL and JAVELIN RAIN! Saturday – 10/7, 5pm at Tor booth #2136 I’ll be signing and giving away copies of my upcoming novel THE ARMORED…

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DragonCon 2017 Schedule

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In the better late than never category, I realized I haven’t yet posted my DragonCon 2017 schedule. Allow me to remedy that now. Keep in mind, if you can’t make it to any of these planned events, feel free to hit me up in the hallway, between panels or at the bar. I’m a nice guy (or, I try to be, anyway), and I like nothing more than saying hi to friends and fans. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself. I’m officially at the con from Friday, Sep. 1 – Sunday, Sep 3rd. Panel Info Title: Here Comes the Gener-AL! Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Embassy EF – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour) Description: When you’ve got magic as a weapon, you change the nature of warfare. Who are some of fantasy lit’s greatest strategists and tacticians, and what makes them so successful? Title: Masculinity in Star Wars Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: A706 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour) Description: It’s a…

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Guest Bartending at Coup – NYC. Win a copy of SIEGE LINE!

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Here’s the TL;DR: I’m going to be bartending at Coup (64 Cooper Sq. in Manhattan’s East Village) on August 22nd, from 5PM-Midnight, and I need drink ideas. I was hoping you’d help me with that, and I’ll be giving those who provide the three winning drink recipes an Advanced Read Copy (ARC) of my forthcoming novel SIEGE LINE, before it goes on sale in October! And if you’d like to come out and yell at me to make your drink faster, well, that’d be finer’n frog hair. Here’s the details: Anyone following me on social media can’t help but note the . . . well, let’s not sugar coat it . . . litany of rage and despair that has consumed me since the election results, and the subsequent parade of national humiliations that has followed. Folks who have been with me when I started writing professionally distantly remember a time when I avoided politics, but it’s a position I…

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You probably know I keep two hydroponic gardens in my lightless, Brooklyn apartment. Miracle-Gro makes these cool self-contained units that most folks use to grow pot. I use them to grow flowers, lavender and petunias this year, the only real option in my sun-starved closet of a home. They make me really happy. The petunias add bright color and the lavender keeps the apartment smelling nice, and I get the added joy of being responsible for living things. But flowers are also messy, and even simple hydroponic gardening is work. They drop petals and “leaf litter.” Bugs are drawn to them, fungus gnats like hydroponic reservoirs. They condense and drip water on the floor. They need constant attention: pruning, watering, adding liquid nutrients to the reservoir. I can’t go out of town without arranging for a neighbor to look in on them. I’m beyond busy and intensely jealous of the time I spend having to care for them. It’s a…

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