Emerald City Comic Con Schedule!

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Hey all, I’m making my first public appearance since the official publication of THE ARMORED SAINT at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington! If you’d like to say hi or get a copy signed (not just of THE ARMORED SAINT, but any of my books), this is your chance. I’d love to hear from you and I’m happy to sign whatever’s put in front of me. Yes, I signed a baby, once. While sitting next to Brandon Sanderson at Balticon many years ago. There’s pictures floating around somewhere. I really will sign absolutely anything is my point here. Thought I’d share my schedule. If you can’t make any of the planned events, feel free to catch me in the hallway or the dealers room if you see me wandering around. Friday, March 2nd: Noon – 1:00PM – Penguin Random House Booth (#1610) – Signing. 4:00PM – 5:00PM – University Bookstore Booth (6-1000) – Signing with Spencer Ellsworth, author of…

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Writer with a Capital W

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Well, tomorrow’s the day. THE ARMORED SAINT will be in bookstores, putting the finishing note on a dream I conceived shortly after I went pro in 2012. It’s my first epic fantasy if you follow the publisher’s billing, and my first dark fantasy if you follow mine. It’s also my first direct to hardcover release, other than the special Science Fiction Book Club editions that were done of my earlier novels. But it’s more than that for me. Shortly after CONTROL POINT published in 2012, I was praised for the military authenticity of my work. In interview after interview, I was asked about the influence of my military experience on my writing. In review after review, the authentic military tone was called out. Not surprisingly, I developed a bit a complex. Were people buying and enjoying my work because it was good or because it was “authentic?” You folks know how obsessive thoughts go. Before long, I couldn’t shake the idea…

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When you make a mistake you have to own it

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I am mentioned in the School Library Journal thread that names and shames men who have been inappropriate in their conduct with women in the field. I wish I could say that the entire comment was false, but I would be lying to you and to myself. I have always prided myself on being “good”. I thought I had a good handle on what that was. It turns out I was wrong. And I have to be accountable to you and to myself. I have repeatedly abused my social power. I have made unwelcome advances in professional settings and that is not okay. This is humiliating to write, but it is also necessary, because I believe in the #MeToo movement and I 100% support women coming forward to name men who have made them uncomfortable, or worse abused them. When I first found out I was being named, I was shocked. I figured it was someone who had a bone…

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SIEGE LINE Fan Art Contest – Giveaway

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As I’m sure most of you know, SIEGE LINE, the 3rd book in my REAWAKENING prequel trilogy and my 6th published novel, comes out on Halloween. I said in an earlier tweet that’s its a bittersweet release for me. It marks the end of my first story arc, a world I’ve been laboring in/on for 6 years as a pro, and at least a decade as an aspirant. I’m both sad and relieved to see this part of my career come to a close. I’ve been accused before of creating my own sub-genre here (contemporary military fantasy), and while I’m careful not to lay claim to it (for fear I missed another author who did it first), I do take some pride in the idea. It’s been a wild ride, and one I’m incredibly grateful to you all for joining me on. To celebrate, I’m doing my last release giveaway for a SHADOW OPS book. This one is an open…

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New York Comic Con Schedule!

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Apologies for the late post, but I finally have my schedule hammered down for New York Comic Con. Hope you’ll come out and say hi, but remember that if you can’t, I take a lot of pride in being approachable. Feel free to hit me up in the hallway. Happy to sign whatever you want or just chat for a minute. That said, we’ve got great programming this year, and chances for you to get free books. Check it out: Friday – 10/6, 2:00pm at Hudson Mercantile – 500 West 36th St. I’ll be running a session of Fantasy Flight’s *awesome* Star Wars miniatures game Imperial Assault to raise money for Worldbuilders! Details here. Saturday – 10/7, 12pm at Penguin Random House booth #2104H I’ll be signing and giving away copies of my novels GEMINI CELL and JAVELIN RAIN! Saturday – 10/7, 5pm at Tor booth #2136 I’ll be signing and giving away copies of my upcoming novel THE ARMORED…

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