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You know you’re finally back in the states when you deposit the last of your British money in the bank (watching it melt from the exchange rate), and overcome the last of your jet lag. I am back from visiting London to help launch the UK edition of CONTROL POINT, and still buzzing from the experience. I first went to London around four years ago to tag along with Peter V. Brett as he launched the UK edition of his hit novel, THE PAINTED MAN. That trip went a long way toward lighting a fire in my belly to go pro myself. Now, you know me, I’m never smug. So, let’s just say that to have finally accomplished that, and to be going to London to promote my own book, with Pete along with me, is . . . ahem . . . satisfying.

I did the things you’d expect: signed every copy in every bookstore I could find, even

I know I’m supposed to be signing books . . . but . . . MUNCHKIN!

when said signing devolved into a spontaneous game of Munchkin. The highlight of the trip was a panel/signing event at Blackwell’s Charing Cross, featuring myself and two of my favorite authors: Peter V. Brett and Joe Abercrombie. I won’t bore you with a play-by-play. There are great reviews of the event posted here¬†and here. Suffice to say that the turnout was the biggest Blackwell’s had seen to date, and the majority of us wound up at the Phoenix across the street, where friendships were forged that will endure across the long stretch of ocean that separates us.

Special thanks go out to Marc Aplin and the staff of Fantasy Faction for putting the event

The crowd for the Blackwells event was HUGE. Those little dots at the front? Myself, Peter V. Brett, Joe Abercrombie as well as Marc Aplin and Paul Wiseall from Fantasy Faction.

together, to Marc Priestman for putting together the signing at Waterstones Milton Keynes and to all my peeps at Headline (especially John Wordsworth and Ben Willis) for making the trip possible in the first place. The UK edition of CONTROL POINT got the best launch any book could hope for, and my baby is now out in wilds of the UK, making its way.

Biggest bonus? Mark Lawrence, author of two of my fantasy favorites PRINCE OF THORNS and KING OF THORNS, came up from his home to go signing with us. It wasn’t certain whether he was going to make it or not, and I count myself very lucky that I got to meet one of my favorite authors in person.

Peter V. Brett goes fanboy on Mark Lawrence. Can you blame him?

It wasn’t all business. I got to knock back a pint or two, catch up with old friends and tour the city, including a meeting with the London Coastguard, to see how they do their mission out on the river Thames.

But now it’s back to my regularly scheduled life, and all the blues that come with having to deal with the day-in-day-out after being treated like a celebrity for the past week. Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with it long, as WorldCon is coming up in a week, and I can shrug off real life for a little while longer while I hang out with thousands of my fellow SF/F geeks.

I’ve just gotten some last minute changes on my schedule, and can now announce I’ll be on a military science fiction panel with another of my favorite authors, Jack Campbell, on Sunday, September 2nd at 6:30PM. I’ll also be doing an autographing at the SFWA table on Friday, September 1st from 2-4PM, so if you have a copy of CONTROL POINT you want signed, I’ll be on hand to take care of it for you.

So, it’s back to the states and life as usual. Thanks again to everyone who made that amazing trip possible, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, look me up at WorldCon next week!

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  • Chase says:

    Was great meeting you Myke. You were surprisingly down to earth and loved the personalised kindle. Looking forward to Fortress Frontier.

  • Nicole L Bates says:

    I’m glad to hear you had a great trip Myke and I hope WorldCon is fantastic!

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