Awards, Sub-Rights, Expenses and Off to the Movies!

By November 1, 2011Comms

Back to back blog entries. Can you tell I’m avoiding all the paying writing I’m supposed to be doing?

Three awesome things I want to tell everyone about before I go off the grid for a few days to make a movie:

– CONTROL POINT has been selected by Fantasy Faction as one of the most anticipated books for 2012. Fantasy Faction is one of my go-to sites for genre news and reviews, and to be alongside some of my literary heroes (Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch and Mark Lawrence) is the latest in a string of experiences I just can’t seem to wrap my head around lately. People seem to be excited about CONTROL POINT, which is a good thing, because I kind of am too. I keep hoping if I can just manage to go 3 more months without any terrific social missteps (a feat for me), they just might stay that way.

– Rights for CONTROL POINT have sold to the Science Fiction Book Club. This is exciting for a number of reasons. First, it gives me an opportunity to put my book in the hands of a wider audience. Second, SFBC prints their own editions, which means that there will now be a hardcover printing of CONTROL POINT. I’ve always wanted to hold a hardcover copy of my book, and I’m really psyched to know I’ll get the chance.

– Here’s where the expensive part comes in. Coming off my last active tour, I have received 3 citations in under a month. I’m thrilled and honored (and it comes at a good time, since I’m up for promotion as we speak). But I am surprised to find out how expensive it is turning out to be. There’s a reason for this: the military issues you “ribbons” that go on to a “rack” when you are given a citation. However, these ribbons are large and have a tendency to slide off. An industry of custom made/mounted “thin” ribbons has evolved to answer this, and nearly all officers and senior NCOs use them. The problem is, since they are custom made, you have to have them remade every time you get a new award, paying each time. 3 in a month? Yikes. Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s a nice problem to have ­čÖé

Aaaaaand finally, I start work tomorrow as an extra in MAGNUS REX (I’m not allowed to tell you the actual title of the film, but a quick google search will answer that question). There’s more security on this project than some military installations I’ve worked in, and they are NOT kidding about forbidding electronic devices on set. So, I will be without a cell phone for much of the time. This will doubtlessly cause serious withdrawal, and will also mean something of a downtick in my social media presence. Appreciate your patience if I’m slow answering emails over the next week or so.

I think I’m going to be engaging in some . . . ahem . . . combative athletics, and I promise that if any footage of me getting the snot kicked out of me actually makes it onto the screen, I will pump the hell out of it.

Still can’t believe this is my life.

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