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By September 22, 2014Comms

The leaves are turning, the pigeons are fluffing up their feathers, and the weather is backpedaling faster than a congressman caught red-handed in an airport bathroom.

That can only mean one thing folks: autumn is upon us.

The crisp bite to the air, the smell of wood-burning fires, the armorerĀ issuing pumpkin-spiced rounds for our sidearms, autumn is my favorite season. Now, you know me, I work a whole lot, and when you’re as busy as I am, you tend to miss stuff. I haven’t done anything special for the fall, nor for Halloween (my favorite holiday) in years.

Well, this year, I’m going to change all that. Yes, sir. This year, I’m going to stop and smell the . . . well, all the roses are dead because it’s too cold, so I guess I’ll stop and smell the . . . Jesus, I live in Brooklyn. Who am I kidding? I put a clothes-pin on my nose every time I go outside. Anyway, this year, I’m going to DO something for Halloween. Yes, sir. Something cool, something creative. Something original.

Ah, screw it. Who the hell has time to think up anything like that? Fortunately for me, there’s a great tradition already in place that combines two of my great loves: Halloween and reading (I was going to do my three great loves, but Halloween, reading and automatic crew-served weapons might get me in trouble with my command).


This year, for All-Hallow’s Read, I’m running a special contest. Since the tradition is all about giving people scary books, I’m actually going to give away copies of *someone else’s* book for once, the only book that’s ever actually scared me: Joe Hill‘s NOS4A2.

For those of you who haven’t read this incredible novel, it’s a chilling tale that turns the child’s vision of Christmas on its head, and had me reluctant to turn out the lights for weeks. Here’s Mallory and I reacting to a particularly SPOOKTACULAR passage (Oh, dear God. I can’t believe I just typed that).


Rules are simple: Send me pictures of you reading your favorite spooky book. Points for the more original locations, positions and reactions – KEEP IT KID FRIENDLY, FOLKS. USE COMMON SENSE.

Send entries to me by email to myke (at) mykecole (dot) com, post them to comments on this blog, or @ me on Twitter!

I’ll review the three best entries and post winners shortly after Halloween. Each winner gets a copy of NOS4A2 on my dime. If you’ve already read NOS4A2, then you can enter on behalf of a friend who hasn’t, or on behalf of your favorite library, books-to-soldiers donation program, or other charity.

And even if you don’t decide to enter, I hope you’ll participate in All Hallow’s Read, a fun spin on the traditional business of Trick or Treating!

Really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with (best entries will be tweeted). Have fun, and remember, kids! Stay Spoopy!



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