The Poisonous Cult of the Military Hero

“I’m not a hero. I just happened to be the medic there that day,” said former Army Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer, who received the Medal of Honor from President Trump in October. Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha denied hero status in similar words, “I’m not. I don’t feel that way. I never have.” Sal Giunta, yet another Medal of Honor winner, said “The fact that someone would call me personally a hero seems inappropriate.” These sentiments are echoed down the line by military legend after legend varying only in the specific words chosen – Dakota Meyer in Afghanistan, Dick Winters in WWII, William Henry Johnson in WWI. They say, over and over again in the most unambiguous terms, that they are not heroes. The problem is, we don’t listen. The news is currently alive with story after story detailing Trump’s endless attacks on deceased “war hero” John McCain. Gillette’s latest ad campaign targets the military with the tag line … Continue reading The Poisonous Cult of the Military Hero