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So, anyone who has been following my Twitter feed knows that I recently received Advance Read Copies (ARCs) for my latest novel BREACH ZONE. This is a real milestone for me, and I wax eloquently on that topic here.

ARCs of the last novel in my SHADOW OPS series, BREACH ZONE

ARCs of the last novel in my SHADOW OPS series, BREACH ZONE

Quite a few folks have asked me what they need to do to get their hands on one. I have precious few of these puppies, and some are already slated for worthy hands, but I have reserved two for my fans.

Know what that means, right? Time for a contest.

There are two ways to win: humorous and serious.

Humorous: Anyone following me on social media knows that I am . . . challenged by our Station mascot, Harry the Useless. This bundle of joy excels in blocking critical hatches, drooling on my freshly shined boots, and moving as little as possible. Well, I have finally had my revenge.

Harry makes a rather embarrassing admission.

Harry makes a rather embarrassing admission.

I will give a signed copy of a BREACH ZONE ARC to the best pet/animal confessional/embarrassment image/video submitted to me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com or posted in the comments below. Some notes:

–       Entries MUST be affectionately humorous. Any image/video that appears to be actually harming an animal will be immediately reported to the authorities. Do not test me on this one.

–       Special bonus points to entries that make speculative fiction references.

Serious: Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and I’d like to mark it by adding this branch to my contest. I will give a signed copy of a BREACH ZONE ARC to a contestant of my choosing who does one of the following:

–       Donate a minimum of one hour of your time to a military charity, such as the USO or Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. (A letter from the charity in question will suffice as proof).

–       Donate a minimum of $100 to a military charity. (Again, I’d need a letter showing the donation)

–       If you are an employer, commit to hiring one vet or an active duty spouse. If you do this, in addition to the ARC, I will give you one free copy (in a format of my choosing) of everything I write for the rest of my life.

So, there you go. Two books, two ways to win. The deadline is . . . whenever I feel like it. It’s good to be the boss!

Really looking forward to seeing what folks come up with! Thanks for reading and helping me chase a dream.


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