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Shadow Ops Series: Con­trol Point

Ace, Feb­ruary 2012. ISBN: 978–1937007249


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Army Officer. Fugi­tive. Sorcerer.

Across the country and in every nation, people are waking up with mag­ical tal­ents. Untrained and pan­icked, they summon storms, raise the dead, and set every­thing they touch ablaze.

Army officer Oscar Britton sees the worst of it. A lieu­tenant attached to the military’s Super­nat­ural Oper­a­tions Corps, his mis­sion is to bring order to a world gone mad. Then he abruptly man­i­fests a rare and pro­hib­ited mag­ical power, trans­forming him overnight from gov­ern­ment agent to public enemy number one.

The SOC knows how to handle this kind of sit­u­a­tion: hunt him down–and take him out. Driven into an under­ground shadow world, Britton is about to learn that magic has changed all the rules he’s ever known, and that his life isn’t the only thing he’s fighting for.

Shadow Ops Series: Fortress Frontier

Ace, Feb­ruary 2013. ISBN: 978–0425256367

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An Officer. An Out­cast. A Fight for Survival.

The Great Reawak­ening did not come qui­etly. Across the country and in every nation, people began to develop ter­ri­fying powers–summoning storms, raising the dead, and set­ting every­thing they touch ablaze. Overnight the rules changed…but not for everyone.

Colonel Alan Book­binder is an army bureau­crat whose worst war wound is a paper-cut. But after he develops mag­ical powers, he is torn from every­thing he knows and thrown onto the front-lines.

Drafted into the Super­nat­ural Oper­a­tions Corps in a new and dan­gerous world, Book­binder finds him­self in com­mand of For­ward Oper­ating Base Frontier–cut off, sur­rounded by mon­sters, and on the brink of being overrun.

Now, he must find the will to lead the people of FOB Fron­tier out of hell, even if the one hope of sal­va­tion lies in teaming up with the man whose own mag­ical powers put the base in such grave danger in the first place–Oscar Britton, public enemy number one…

Shadow Ops Series: Breach Zone

Ace, Feb­ruary 2014. ISBN: 978–0425256374

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Our Gifts, for Our Nation.

The Great Reawak­ening did not come qui­etly. Across the country and in every nation, people began “coming up Latent,” devel­oping ter­ri­fying powers—summoning storms, raising the dead, and set­ting every­thing they touch ablaze. Those who Man­i­fest must choose: become a sheepdog who pro­tects the flock or a wolf who devours it…

In the wake of a bloody battle at For­ward Oper­ating Base Fron­tier and a scan­dalous pres­i­den­tial impeach­ment, Lieu­tenant Colonel Jan Thorsson, call sign “Har­le­quin,” becomes a national hero and a pariah to the mil­i­tary that is the only family he’s ever known.

In the fight for Latent equality, Oscar Britton is posi­tioned to lead a rebel­lion in exile, but a pow­erful rival beats him to the punch: Scylla, a walking weapon who will stop at nothing to end the human-sanctioned apartheid against her kind.

When Scylla’s inhuman forces invade New York City, the Super­nat­ural Oper­a­tions Corps are the only sol­diers equipped to pre­vent a mas­sacre. In order to redeem him­self with the mil­i­tary, Har­le­quin will be forced to face off with this havoc-wreaking woman from his past, warped by her power into some­thing evil…

Gemini Cell

Ace, Feb­ruary 2015. ISBN: 978–0425269640

Myke Cole con­tinues to blow the mil­i­tary fan­tasy genre wide open with an all-new epic adven­ture in his highly acclaimed Shadow Ops universe—set in the early days of the Great Reawak­ening, when magic first returns to the world and order begins to unravel…

US Navy SEAL Jim Schweitzer is a con­sum­mate pro­fes­sional, a fierce war­rior, and a hard man to kill. But when he sees some­thing he was never meant to see on a covert mis­sion gone bad, he finds himself—and his family—in the crosshairs. Nothing means more to Jim than pro­tecting his loved ones, but when the enemy brings the battle to his front door, he is over­whelmed and taken down.

That should be the end of the story. But Jim is raised from the dead by a sor­cerer and recruited by a top secret unit dab­bling in the occult, known only as the Gemini Cell. With powers he doesn’t under­stand, Jim is called back to duty—as the ulti­mate war­rior. As he wres­tles with a lit­eral inner demon, Jim real­izes his new supe­riors are deter­mined to use him for their own ends and keep him in the dark—especially about the fates of his wife and son…

Javelin Rain

Ace, March 2016. ISBN: 9780425269657

The fast-paced, adrenaline-filled sequel to Gemini Cell, set in the same mag­ical and mil­i­taristic world of the acclaimed Shadow Ops series.

Javelin: A code denoting the loss of a national secu­rity asset with strategic impact.

Rain: A code indi­cating a crisis of exis­ten­tial proportions.

Javelin Rain inci­dents must be resolved imme­di­ately, by any and all means nec­es­sary, no matter what the cost…

Being a US Navy SEAL was Jim Schweitzer’s life right up until the day he was killed. Now, his escape from the gov­ern­ment who raised him from the dead has been coded “Javelin Rain.” Schweitzer and his family are on the run from his former unit, the Gemini Cell, and while he may be immortal, his wife and son are not.

Jim must use all of his strength to keep his family safe, while con­vincing his wife he’s still the same man she once loved. Only what his former allies have planned to bring him down could mean dis­aster not only for Jim and his family, but for the entire nation…

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