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You probably know I keep two hydroponic gardens in my lightless, Brooklyn apartment. Miracle-Gro makes these cool self-contained units that most folks use to grow pot. I use them to grow flowers, lavender and petunias this year, the only real option in my sun-starved closet of a home. They make me really happy. The petunias add bright color and the lavender keeps the apartment smelling nice, and I get the added joy of being responsible for living things. But flowers are also messy, and even simple hydroponic gardening is work. They drop petals and “leaf litter.” Bugs are drawn to them, fungus gnats like hydroponic reservoirs. They condense and drip water on the floor. They need constant attention: pruning, watering, adding liquid nutrients to the reservoir. I can’t go out of town without arranging for a neighbor to look in on them. I’m beyond busy and intensely jealous of the time I spend having to care for them. It’s a…

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A 25-foot Defender-class security boat from Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team 91106 keeps an eye on passenger vessels and high profile landmarks as it patrols New York Harbor on Sept. 1, 2004.  The U.S. Coast Guard is leading the multi-agency waterside security effort around Manhattan Island during the Republican National Convention.  DoD photo by Petty Officer 3rd class Kelly Newlin, U.S. Coast Guard.  (Released)

Done-right, better than done-fast

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Bear with me through another long winded analogy. I’m going to deliberately bury the lede to weed out the TLDN types. When I was heading up the Reserve at Station New York, one of my top metrics was safety. Like any machine shop, assembly line, and mechanic bay, Coast Guard stations take a lot of pride in mishap-free operations. Yes, we count the days we’ve gone mishap free. Yes, we proudly display signs that show our record. This is important. Because while the dramatic ways a guard can lose their lives (in a gunfight, during a rescue op) are also the least likely. Far more likely is an injury due to a boat accident, or hypothermia due to failed seal on a dry suit, or burns resulting from oil allowed to pool in the fantail. Part of bringing my people home safely after every mission was ensuring that the boring, by-the-book safety checks were performed rigorously and constantly. Even when…

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Not a one-trick-pony

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Those of you who follow me on social media probably already saw this announcement, that has acquired THE FRACTURED GIRL in a three book deal. It’s been a long and tough road to get to this point, with the original novel going through seven drafts over three years. Some of you have heard me read from the book at various conventions, or at the Twitter Fiction Festival last year in New York City. Others have heard me talk about it, at times with hope, at times in frustration. Suffice to say that I’m over the moon that the book (books!) have finally found a home, and that is that home. I have written extensively for them in the past, and have always thought their innovative approach to publishing may be the thing that pushes the industry into a new age. I’m not sure what the publisher will be releasing, so I’ll go light on descriptive details, but suffice…

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Repost: Food is Fuel

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I noticed today that the Holy Taco Church site has been taken down. This saddens me, but I also accept it as part of life on the Internet. That said, there’s a post I did on there a while ago that I really liked, and I didn’t want it to vanish from posterity. So, in order for people (and search engines) to be able to find it, I repost it here. The recipe is real, by the way. Let me know if you try it. Food is Fuel Now, you all know me. I’m against fun. You think that’s a joke. You think I am kidding. Let me assure you that I am not kidding. I am deadly serious. I am have never been more serious in my entire fucking life. You can call me a stick in the mud. You can say that I’m pooping on your cloud. “Why does Myke have to ruin everything? Why doesn’t Myke like…

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Contest Winners!

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Folks are aware that I’ve recently run a contest. The challenge was for you to tell me what my books are about, and the prize was a signed copy of JAVELIN RAIN. Normally, I let these things run long, and take my time in picking winners, but I wanted to do it quickly here, as it’s just (gasp) TWO DAYS until the book releases. Seriously, folks. The clock just struck midnight as I was writing this. I was SO gratified by the huge number of responses I got. A lot of you took a lot of time to think deeply about what my books meant, and that kind of feedback is the most affirming thing any artist can experience. This is my favorite contest so far, by far. It was nigh impossible to pick winners, but I don’t have unlimited copies to give away, so here they are (in no particular order). – Cheryl, who says: “Well, despite the fantasy garb,…

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