The Hebdo Murders: Military Bearing vs. Macho Bullshit

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In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders, I’ve been getting a lot of email from my friends and colleagues. The messages are mixed, but there’s an overwhelming theme of righteous wrath, of the need to puff up and strike out to show . . . I don’t who, when you consider that the perpetrators are now all dead save one, that they can’t do this to . . . us (whoever us is). It bugs me that I might strike people as the kind of guy who would agree with that sentiment, so I wanted to do some public exploration of how I feel about this. I’ve written before about how I feel about violence, and on the consequences of killing. Both are things I take very seriously. Since I was a small boy, being a “warrior” has been a major component of my self-image. I grew up in a less enlightened age of rigorous gender policing, and for…

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Gemini Cell ARC Giveaway contest winners!

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Hey all, Been a busy few weeks. After completing a first draft of JAVELIN RAIN, I’ve gone into creative recharge mode, and have been spending my evenings reading comics. Now, lest you go thinking I’m actually having any fun here, you should keep in mind that I read comics the way a boxer watches his opponent’s fight videos. I will admit to taking some enjoyment from the practice, but what I’m really doing to stocking my mental larder for future forays into the creative wasteland. Sheesh. Talk about overwriting. Anyway! I also have chosen my winners for the Gemini Cell ARC Giveaway contest. I got a ton of fantastic entries, running the gamut from wistful to authentic looking to downright breathtaking. I wish I had enough ARCs to give one to everyone, but military life is all about making hard calls. Here are my three winners (in no particular order): 1.) Herne, for his *awesome* Gemini Cell logo. I love…

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GEMINI CELL Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) Giveaway Contest!

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Hey all, Those of you who follow me on social media are well aware that my 4th novel, GEMINI CELL, will be published by Ace/Roc (Penguin Random House) on January 27th, 2015. I’m really excited about this one. It’s my most ambitious work to date, with strong romance elements, blistering action, and what I hope you’ll agree is a new spin on zombie fiction. GEMINI CELL is set in the SHADOW OPS universe, but takes place many years before the first novel in the trilogy, CONTROL POINT. The goal here is to give readers a book that they can really get into without having read any of my other books. GEMINI CELL stands completely alone, but there is enough of the familiar to appeal to fans of the original series. But it is new ground, and that means a new military unit with new magic, and that’s where you come in. The appendix to BREACH ZONE contains the school insignia…

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I know nothing about Dr. Who

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New York Comic Con has come and gone. With record crowds (and finally a real anti-harassment policy that appears to be working) this was the best NYCC yet, my third as a professional author. I have been a fan of this con since its inception, and to finally be attending as a professional is so affirming that it’s hard to put in words. Every year, I have a ritual: in early September, I get the email from my publicist telling me what my NYCC itinerary is for the year. I don’t open it right away. I stare at the email in my inbox and imagine what awesomeness lies in store for me this year. Will I be sitting alongside one of my literary heroes like Jack Cambell, waxing eloquently on the finer points of military writing? Will I be on a geek trivia game show, laughing and rubbing elbows with the likes of John Scalzi or Pat Rothfuss? Will I…

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