Campaign Poster Giveaway Contest


Well, the whirl­wind of release week is finally behind me. I’ve already told you how impor­tant those num­bers are for me, and I’ll know the final word tomorrow. Judging by my obses­sive tea-leaf read­ings into the alchemy known as amazon sales rank­ings, y’all came through in spades and I am so so so grateful for the sup­port. All I want in life is to get to keep doing this pro­fes­sion­ally, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to make that happen.

So, now I’m pretty much neck deep in copies of BREACH ZONE (not that I bought any copies myself in an effort to boost my first week sales num­bers. No, sir. Not me), and you know what that means.

Give­away time.

I men­tion here that BREACH ZONE is an inci­den­tally (yet still pro­foundly) polit­ical book. Scylla can be argued to be one of the main char­ac­ters in the story, and she comes to war with a pro­pa­ganda cam­paign of her very own. She means to make a new world, one where Latent people can be “free” as she sees it. Of course, that means a little … less … freedom for those of us who aren’t able to channel magic.

You all remember this famous poster don’t you?

imagesWell, here’s Scylla’s:

ScyllaContestWhich brings us to our contest:

- You take any slice of any of my book covers (US or UK edi­tion) and you turn it into a cam­paign poster. Click here for a lay­down of all my covers. Click each image for a larger, more detailed pic­ture you can crop from.

- The slogan should match the char­acter and what their goals are in the story.

- It doesn’t have to be Shepard Fairey style. Feel free to play around with fonts, colors and styles. Feel free to add/remove images as much as your pho­to­shop skills can handle.

- Email me the poster or post it in the com­ments thread below. DO NOT tweet it at me or send it to me via Face­book mes­sage. DO NOT post it on my Face­book wall.

I’ll pick *Five* win­ners to receive a signed copy of BREACH ZONE (US edi­tion) *and* a Shadow Coven chal­lenge coin!

Go to, my lovelies. Really looking for­ward to seeing what your twisted minds come up with.


  • Brandon Nichols

    The chal­lenge coin alone is goign to drive me here lol.

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  • http://www.rantingdragon.com/ Gar­rett Jones

    I, uh, kinda bent the rules a little bit. Hope you don’t mind. 😀 If you want the full res, feel free to email me, Myke.