Let me buy you a drink


Wel­come to 2014. I won’t do a year end post. I live my life on social media anyway, so everyone pretty much knows how 2013 went for me with near minute-by-minute detail. My books are finding an audi­ence, I am well set­tled in Brooklyn, and thanks to my well-intentioned niece, I now have a pet fish plot­ting to kill me on Twitter.

Suf­fice to say 2013 worked out rather well, and I have you all to thank for it. You sup­ported my art, lis­tened to my ram­blings, and in the very rare instances where you broke fed­eral mar­itime law, com­plied with my orders.

And now with BREACH ZONE about to hit shelves in less than a month, I think it’s time to cel­e­brate. To show you my appre­ci­a­tion, I’d be hon­ored if you’d let me buy you a drink. glass-of-whisky-290x290Here’s how it works:

- You go out to a bar or restau­rant and buy your­self your bev­erage of choice (no more than $10 value). You then raise the glass and drink my health, secure in the knowl­edge that, wher­ever I am, I am drinking yours.

- You send me a pic­ture of the receipt. Make sure it clearly shows that what you got was actu­ally a drink.

- I will then use PayPal to reim­burse you the amount (up to $10). Make sure you pro­vide me the email address you use to accept PayPal gifts. If your drink is more than $10 (as better cock­tails are in New York City), I’ll still do a par­tial reimbursement.

- Limit one drink per person until my bar tab runs out (I’ve put aside a nice chunk of change for this).

- I trust you to obey the law, even if it’s silly. If the drink in ques­tion is alcohol, you must be over 21.

Thanks for making 2013 one of the best years of my life. Here’s to your health and pros­perity in 2014. With BREACH ZONE coming soon and GEMINI CELL already into its 6th draft, I’m pre­dicting great things to come.

Happy New Year. For­ward Together.

  • Albedo

    Hey there, I was just checking the amazon page to order the 3rd opus and was dis­ap­pointed to see it’s a pre­order only. I really enjoyed the first two. The 2d more than the 1st, which is unusual. Anyway, all the best for this new year ! Take care and write, a lot.

  • Janet [fanof­books]

    SOMEone in your life MUST have advised you that this idea is just crazy! But I’m impressed with this sweet offer. Full dis­clo­sure — I found your name on Mark Lawrence’sTwitter which was an RT of David Brawley’s rec­om­men­da­tions for his Fav books of 2013. Being as I totally loved Lawrence’s novels– I’m now checking you out. I antic­i­pate many enjoy­able hours of reading. And I’ll drink to that anticipation-AND your health and wealth in 2014! No receipt required. Happy new year!

  • Sam­robb

    Myke — would you be willing to accept the PayPal account for a charity instead of a per­sonal account?

    • MykeCole

      Absolutely. Bless you for offering.

  • Michael A. Rothman

    Mike, you’re one crazy Coastie. If and when we’re in the same bar, I’ll treat you to a shot or two of the 25 yr old single malt. You know I’m good for it. 😉

  • Sue Armitage

    Myke — I dont go out and drink, but cer­tainy raised a glass of diet coke in honour of your health and well deserved suc­cess. As I won’t be emailing a receipt, could you pos­sible donate my unused €‘s to either a vet­erans or coast guard charity of your choice, or use it for fish food for Betta! Best wishes for pros­perous and won­derful 2014 :)

  • Priscilla Spencer

    You are insane and wonderful.

  • Michael A. Rothman

    One more thing, if you’re thinking about donating to a charity, might I sug­gest the Wounded War­rior Project. I had lots of friends that’ve been helped by them and it’s a great way to give to those who are living under chal­lenging phys­ical and mental situations.

  • Realmwright

    A sol­dier buying me a drink for reading a book in the com­fort of my own home? I think not! I have raised glasses and poured offer­ings for the safe return of friends over­seas. I ask only that others do the same. You included Mr. Awe­some Author.

  • lekysma

    does this offer still play for fans living in Frances