In which Peter V. Brett shaves my head

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Most folks have heard of Heifer Inter­na­tional, a fab­u­lous charity that empowers people to battle hunger. Food aid is a one shot deal, but Heifer Inter­na­tional equips people with training, gear and seed stock that enables them to feed them­selves for generations.

Fan­tasy author Pat Roth­fuss has devel­oped a charity of his own, World­builders, a fundraising cam­paign that feeds directly into Heifer Inter­na­tional, drawing on dona­tions from lumi­naries in the Sci­ence Fic­tion and Fan­tasy field. Its tagline is “Geeks Doing Good,” and that about sums it up. Authors and pub­lishers donate their books, their time and their skill, and fans dig deep and help out. The response is tremen­dous. When last I checked, this year’s cam­paign had already raised $250,000!

This is my third year par­tic­i­pating in World­builders. I’ve donated Advanced Read Copies of my latest novel, BREACH ZONE, along with Umbra Coven chal­lenge coins and signed book­plates. But Pat set a spe­cial $25,000 stretch goal this year, and asked if I could donate an “act of whimsy” to help entice donors to meet it.

I fig­ured, what the heck, I’ll let the person who took us over that mark shave my head. That’s pretty whim­sical, right? The logis­tics of that plan (get­ting me and a com­plete stranger from any­where in the world in the same room) proved pro­hib­i­tive, so the folks at World­builders asked me if I could find another SF/F author that people might like to see doing the deed.

It should come as no sur­prise who I asked, my near-neighbor and best friend, Peter V. Brett.

I shouldn’t have been sur­prised when his eyes widened at the offer. “Dude,” he said. “I’m totally using a straight razor.”

Nat­u­rally, I thought he was kid­ding, you know, just rib­bing his old buddy.

But then he went on Sword and Laser and told the world.

That’s when the blood drained from my face. Because now I was com­mitted. This was really happening.

Straight razor shaving is an art that people ded­i­cate their entire lives to per­fecting. Pete had never so much as touched one of the things.

I won’t tell you how it went. I won’t even tell you if I sur­vived (for all you know, I pre-wrote this post and set a timer to put it up automatically).

For­tu­nately, we made a video, and it speaks for itself. Check it out:

Peter V. Brett Shaves Myke Cole’s Head

The best parts are the out­takes at end, be sure to stick around for them.

Thanks to everyone who donated!

  • Christo­pher Carlson

    Just got a chance to watch the video today, and it was really excel­lent. Thanks for helping out with World­builders. It’s one of my favorite char­i­ties, and it’s great to see the SFF com­mu­nity get together on stuff like this.