Create-a-Magic-Item Contest Winners!

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Please accept my apolo­gies for taking so long to pick the win­ners of the latest con­test. I have a few excuses:

- My 2nd book is coming out in 11 days. I am burning the mid­night oil pro­moting it.

- My 3rd book is due in a little over a month. I just turned the 6th draft in to my agent.

- I just got back from Con­fu­sion 13, which set the bar for the best con expe­ri­ence I’ve had thus far. We played the 2nd run­ning of what’s shaping up to be an annual Author D&D game, and it took a LOT of prep time to get it up and run­ning smoothly.

- I was over­whelmed by the FLOOD of amazing entries. You can check them out on the COMBINED FORCE page.

Before I present our win­ners, I want to note one entry which didn’t qualify as it wasn’t a magic item, but deserves men­tion for being fucking AWESOME. Jerome, who is one of our win­ners, designed sleeve patches for four of the five schools autho­rized schools under the McGauer-Linden Act. Check it out!

Jerome's SOC PatchesJerome’s SOC Patches from top left: Pyro­mancy, Ter­ra­mancy, Hydro­mancy and Aeromancy.

Incred­ible job, Jerome. Thanks so much for sharing those with me.

And now, on to our winners.

The first is … well, Jerome, for his kickass mag­i­cally enhanced unarmed combat system nick­named “MAC and Freeze.”

Jerome's "MAC and Freeze"Jerome’s “MAC and Freeze”

Out­standing cre­ativity and exe­cu­tion, Jerome. So cool.

Our second winner is Amelia, with her LCAC-AM, which she describes as follows:

The LCAC-AM (Landing Craft Air Cushion — Aero­mancy). All the
capa­bil­i­ties of a tra­di­tional LCAC, but fully pow­ered by Aero­mancy for
both cushion and propul­sion, elim­i­nating the need for engines, fuel,
and fans.

Amelia's LCAC-AMAmelia’s LCAC-AM

Great idea Amelia, this is exactly the kind of mag­ical appli­ca­tion that Entertech and the SOC would use to sup­port operations.

Last, but cer­tainly not least, is Brandon’s out­standing SSWTC, a mag­i­cally enhanced poncho.


Brandon's SSWTCBrandon’s SSWTC

Great idea, Brandon. This is exactly the sort of thing I could see the SOC issuing to the rank and file.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to all our win­ners! They each get their choice of either a signed US or UK edi­tion copy of FORTRESS FRONTIER, mailed to their home.

It kills me to have to choose just three of these great entries, but I promise to do another give­away soon.

Thanks again for all the cre­ativity and inge­nuity you put into these, and for the sup­port that enables me to keep going in what is, unde­ni­ably, the most awe­some job in the world.