Challenge coin sighting and off to SDCC


Short blog post today. I spent the 4th of July enforcing the water-based secu­rity zone for the New York City fire­works. While it was an incred­ible expe­ri­ence (best view of the fire­works, since I was lit­er­ally on the Hudson river) it was also exhausting, and left me way behind on my writing. So, two things:

1.) Next week, I’m off to San Diego Comic Con. A reminder of my schedule. I’ve been going to New York Comic Con for years as a fan, and finally get­ting to speak there and sign ARCs of CONTROL POINT remains one of the high­lights of my life to date. San Diego is even bigger, and I will be speaking again and doing two sign­ings this time. Suf­fice to say I’m psy­ched as hell and hope to see you all there.

2.) Got a chal­lenge coin pic, this time from my friend Alex sta­tioned out in Hawaii. He’s sending me a chal­lenge coin from his unit, which I’ll post until it arrives. Love seeing a sol­dier in battle-rattle holding that up. It helps me to imagine him as a SOC oper­ator in sup­port of take­down Coven ready to hunt Selfers!

Alex with the SOC Chal­lenge Coin

Thanks Alex! Wel­come to the corps.

Remember, your chal­lenge coin gets mine. If you’re in a mil­i­tary, law-enforcement or other chal­lenge coin bearing unit and would like to swap, just shoot me an email.

See you all at SDCC!

  • NM-Coins

    Your expe­ri­ence sounds
    adven­tureous to me and it is nice to hear that you have got a chal­lange coin
    for your work. Keep up the good work man!

  • Dave

    Cool chal­lenge coin! I could see how someone would want to start col­lecting these

    chal­lenge coins