Challenge Coin Exchange – 3

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And the coins just keep on coming! So psyched that this is taking off. For those of you just coming to this blog, you can check out my original post about challenge coin exchanges here.

This latest coin is from my friend and official ambassador to all geeks living in the Green Mountain State of Vermont,  Andrew. This was kind of a gentle poke in my eye. The coin is from Norwich University, a famous rival of the US Coast Guard Academy, where I trained to become an officer.

L - Andrews Norwich U coin. R - The SOC coin I sent him. Your coin gets mine!

Your coin gets mine! Email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com if you have a challenge coin you’d like to trade.

  • Thanks for sharing these information here most apols on Green Moun­tain State of Ver­mont . Last time my friend told me about Nor­wich Uni­ver­sity coins, that’s time i was so exited to see this coins and thanks to share here images of that coins. thanks
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