Challenge Coin Exchange — 3

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And the coins just keep on coming! So psy­ched that this is taking off. For those of you just coming to this blog, you can check out my orig­inal post about chal­lenge coin exchanges here.

This latest coin is from my friend and offi­cial ambas­sador to all geeks living in the Green Moun­tain State of Ver­mont,  Andrew. This was kind of a gentle poke in my eye. The coin is from Nor­wich Uni­ver­sity, a famous rival of the US Coast Guard Academy, where I trained to become an officer.

L — Andrews Nor­wich U coin. R — The SOC coin I sent him. Your coin gets mine!

Your coin gets mine! Email me at myke (at) mykecole (dot) com if you have a chal­lenge coin you’d like to trade.

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    Thanks for sharing these infor­ma­tion here most apols on Green Moun­tain State of Ver­mont . Last time my friend told me about Nor­wich Uni­ver­sity coins, that’s time i was so exited to see this coins and thanks to share here images of that coins. thanks
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