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I know nothing about Dr. Who


New York Comic Con has come and gone. With record crowds (and finally a real anti-harassment policy that appears to be working) this was the best NYCC yet, my third as a pro­fes­sional author. I have been a fan of … Con­tinue reading


All Hallow’s Read Giveaway Contest!

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The leaves are turning, the pigeons are fluffing up their feathers, and the weather is backpedaling faster than a con­gressman caught red-handed in an air­port bath­room. That can only mean one thing folks: autumn is upon us. The crisp bite to … Con­tinue reading


Wil Wheaton’s Law of … Policing


I have been asked over and over again lately to com­ment on events evolving in Fer­guson. That’s dif­fi­cult for me to do, as I haven’t been there, and I know these kinds of sit­u­a­tions are intensely fluid and wildly dis­torted … Con­tinue reading

18 August 2014: LonCon3 — August 14-18th — London, UK!

I’ll be attending the World Sci­ence Fic­tion Con­ven­tion 2014, oth­er­wise known as LonCon3, in London, Eng­land! This will mostly con­sist of me sit­ting at the bar, agog over a nation that takes alco­holic cider seri­ously. Come buy me some! I promise to be funny or inter­esting. But never both at once.

08 August 2014: Get Pop-Cultured at Barnes and Noble! Paramus, NJ — August 8th at 7:00PM!