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Free Story — A Place for Heroes


Anyone who knows me has heard me say that I nei­ther read nor write short fic­tion, except when I do. What I mean by that phrase is that I *rarely* read or write short fic­tion, because long form is really where … Con­tinue reading

08 June 2014: Myke will be at Phoenix Comicon June 5-8th!

The Comicon phe­nomena is spreading across the US, and I’m taking advan­tage of the chance to visit fans in the SW. I’ll be at Phoenix’s biggest pop cul­ture fes­tival and I hope you’ll come out and say hi. My schedule (as it evolves) will be posted here.


On diet, fitness and giving yourself a break


Lately, I’ve been get­ting a lot of requests for diet and exer­cise advice. Staying in shape is a job require­ment for me. Every few months, I get a new sailor into the unit, on average 10–15 years younger than I. … Con­tinue reading

18 May 2014: Myke will be teaching at WORD Brooklyn, Sunday, May 18th!

On Sunday, May 18th at 5PM, I’ll be kicking off WORD Brooklyn’s WRITECRAFT lec­ture series at their Brooklyn (126 Franklin Street) loca­tion. The point of the series is to address writing-craft SOLELY. No dis­cus­sion of mar­kets, agents, con­ven­tions, social media, or any of that other cart-before-the-horse crap that most people spend way too much time on. The lec­ture focuses entire on HOW TO WRITE. It is the most impor­tant thing, the base­line that must be in place before any­thing in a writing career can happen. Craft is king. Craft above all. To empha­size this point, the lec­ture will be fol­lowed by one hour of *silent* writing time. So, bring your laptop. Details are here.


Getting PTSD Right


I’ve written before about how PTSD is a phe­nom­enon that’s poorly under­stood. More recently, I wrote about how the impact of killing of not only the killer, but every ancil­lary par­tic­i­pant in the process sev­eral layers out. Both pieces were … Con­tinue reading